A pencil and paper.  The two keys to prove that the Earth is curved

A pencil and paper. The two keys to prove that the Earth is curved

“It’s flat! If it were round, the Sun would not hide on the horizon. This is how some who recognize themselves as Flat Earthers exclaim it and who in bravado on Social Networks express what for them is an irrefutable truth… how flat the third planet of the Solar System would be. With this idea going around, a scientific group will seek to summon students, teachers and citizens to carry out an experiment that promises not only to make it clear that the Earth is indeed spherical, but that those who dare to do so will be competing for popular books, a State-of-the-art Xbox console and as a top prize a keynote talk by Professor Maza (at the winning school or place).

Inspired by the knowledge of ancient Greece

“From astronomy we want to say: Stop, the answer is very simple and we can obtain it by working together. Just as the Greek mathematician and astronomer Eratosthenes did thousands of years ago, simply with a pencil and paper -the same ones we use to elect a President or a new Constitution-, and by measuring the shadow of the sun, we can show that the Earth is curved and also measure its radius”, indicates Rodrigo Herrera Camus, researcher at the CATA Astrophysics Center

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