A man was caught carrying a tear gas canister.

In the Nueva Cúa sector, Rafael Urdaneta municipality (Miranda), Armando González Sánchez was arrested, allegedly involved in illegal possession of war material, according to military sources.

González possessed a tear gas device and a radio transmitter, materials that were seized by agents attached to Detachment 442 of the Bolivarian National Guard.

They investigate the connection of the detainee with criminal organizations that operate in the Valles del Tuy.

Los Vizcaínos sentry box destroyed

And precisely in that same Miranda region, specifically in the Puente de Guerra sector, Santa Lucía (Miranda), members of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) detected and destroyed a sentry box used to guard members of the Los Vizcaínos criminal group.

These individuals briefly confronted the military and then fled into a wooded area.

But on the site, José Rafael Fagundez was apprehended, who fulfilled the function of a garitero, that is, a liaison with the leaders of the criminal group, according to the evidence collected on his cell phone, which was subjected to expertise.

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