A man has been isolated for 14 months after testing positive in 78 coronavirus tests

Muzaffer Kayasan, a leukemia patient living in Istanbul, Turkey, has asked the authorities for help, after spending 14 months in isolation after testing positive for 78 consecutive tests for coronavirus, reports the local television station A Haber.

The man was infected with covid-19 in November 2020 and since then he has not tested negative, forcing him to remain in quarantine.

“I constantly test positive. […] When we ask scientists and doctors, they tell us that my immune system is weakened, because I have leukemia, and they keep me alive for fourteen months with the drugs they prescribe. It is a very difficult process,” laments Kayasan, who explains that he had a successful bone marrow transplant three years ago.
end of social life

His wife and son visit him occasionally and later test negative for the virus. The specialists explain to the patient that he has no symptoms, but that the remains of the disease persist.

Despite the rare encounters with his loved ones, Kayasan regrets not being able to see his grandson in person, with whom he only communicates through protective glass or by videoconference. “I can’t hug my family. […] I can’t talk to anyone. Nothing remains of my social life, of my family life. Covid-19 has ended my way of life,” says Kayasan, who regrets not being able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In view of these difficulties and the chronic character that the disease has acquired in his body, Kayasan urged the unvaccinated to inoculate themselves against the virus, not only for their own good, but for that of others. “You have no right to kill others. This is immoral, dishonest,” he concludes.

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