A look at the GDP figure and what's coming for the economy in 2022

A look at the GDP figure and what’s coming for the economy in 2022

During 2021, the growth of the Colombian economy was 10.6%, figure revealed by Dane in recent days and that places Colombia as one of the countries with the highest growth in gross domestic product in the region.

(Why do Colombians spend less in January?).

It was the highest figure in the country’s history since records began and encouraging and positive news amid uncertainty on several fronts.

But, How to analyze this data? What is coming for Colombia after having consolidated an economic growth of 10.6%? What sectors and actors of the demand marked the data and how to make this figure reflect in the standard of living of the Colombians?

(How encouraged are Colombians to invest in 2022?).

Francisco Azeroprofessor at the Faculty of Administration of the Universidad de los Andes and Camilo DuranSenior Economist at Credicorp Capital, address and analyze the issue in this episode of Economicast, the Portafolio podcast.


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