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A judiciary subordinated to political sectors

Former Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio mentioned that all the facts presented against him are about political persecution for having made accusations against Horacio Cartes.

Beyond whether or not the accusations against Giuzzio exist, the quick action of the authorities in this case is interesting, since Horacio Cartes had previously been accused of participating in illicit acts and he did not receive any sentence.

The lawyer and master in politics, Pilar Callizo, gave statements based on the latest events and mentioned that unfortunately this is something that has been denounced for a long time and that there are several who have certain privileges: “There are many of us who are concerned about the lack of independence and impartiality of the Public Ministry and also of the Judiciary, it is inadmissible that we have selective justice, because that directly affects the exercise of the basic rights of citizens in general” he lamented.

He mentioned that it would be ideal if justice worked equally for all: “If there is no partiality we cannot speak of a democratic system, with this the rule of law is seriously affected.” Callizo also pointed out that regardless of the issues in which former Minister Giuzzio may or may not be affected, the main problem is the lack of credibility in the institutions. “The Public Ministry has to guarantee rights, if said institution is the first to evidence this way of acting, here with certainty we can say that in cases where Cartes and other actors who have to do with corruption or organized crime are involved, no the corresponding measures are taken “, he sentenced.

The expert stressed that the rapid and effective way in which they mobilized in this situation is striking: “In this case, they allowed six months to elapse to proceed to charge and search their home.” As for the possible solutions for the better action of justice, the lawyer said that it is necessary that we can have alternations in government and that the justice system has an institutional design and it is shielded from this type of interference. “Above all, it is very important that the system is made up of people of integrity, evidence and responsibility for what they have to do.”

For his part, President Mario Abdo Benítez also spoke on the matter and mentioned that “the public perception is that the Prosecutor’s Office is absolutely subordinate to a political sector of the country, and I am not only referring to this particular case but to acting in general,” he declared.

The hearing for the imposition of measures on Arnaldo Giuzzio will be on August 25, the former minister is accused of having links with Brazilian drug traffickers and they would have certain audios that compromise him.

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