Ibagué Festival Jamming

A hard blow for Ibagué: the Jamming Festival, one of the largest, is cancelled.

Hospitality, gastronomy, tourism and other sectors will be hit hard by the cancellation of the Jamming Festival, which was this holiday weekend.

Hospitality, gastronomy, tourism and other sectors will be hit hard by the cancellation of the Jamming Festival, which was this holiday weekend.

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More than 15 groups and artists will not come, they canceled their participation in the Jamming Festival, it is not clear if this led to the event being canceled or what happened, but it would no longer take place this weekend and that means for Ibagué, a severe blow to its economy.

«We have primary information, we woke up with that news. The businessman stated that he is going to issue a statement because several artists canceled and the event was postponed »: Andrés Hurtado, mayor of that city.

And it is that, there was high hotel occupancy, a high gastronomic, tourist and other activities demand was expected within the framework of the festival.

“What some of the organizers have told us, because the businessman has not responded, is that it is due to the cancellation of several artists and that is why he had to postpone the event,” Hurtado said on Blu Radio this early Friday.

The Jamming Festival would be between March 19 and 21.

It was organized by scenarios: Ibagué Creativa, Caribean Vibes, Radio Bemba, Playa Hawai, Casa Babilon, Buena Vibra, Summer, Jamming.

Many artists will not come in the end

Molotov, who would be at the Festival and had confirmed his presence on March 16, left the party at the last minute.

Like them, others had already been giving up their participation: Black Eyed Peas, that Orishas would not arrive as announced, among others.

Only on March 16, the organization had confirmed that it already had all the permits and everything was ready and readjusted, after several artists reported that they would not come.

For now, the Jamming Festival has not spoken directly or reported whether it will indeed cancel the event or not.

At 8:37 am this Friday, the organization of the event confirmed it.

Then he will give details of a possible new date or if it will not be held and money from the tickets will be returned.

For some, the resignation of several artists would be related to the tense situation that the country is experiencing after the national strike, the elections to Congress and those who come to the Presidency.

Many had already traveled and others had everything ready to do so this Friday.

Hundreds of street vendors, entrepreneurs and merchants had made purchases, loans and investments around this event in which it was expected that more than 60 thousand people would participate throughout the festive bridge.

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