A friend of the coup leader with detention for 7 days

A friend of the coup leader with detention for 7 days

The Judiciary declared the request of prosecutor Arturo Mosqueira to impose preliminary detention for seven days on Cirilo Jara Mamani for crimes against public peace, riots and criminal organization to the detriment of the State and society.

Two days ago, PNP agents from the Playa Rímac police station in the Carmen de la Legua district, in Callao, intervened with Navarro Flores and Jara Mamani, who were in the group of protesters who were preparing to take over the Jorge Chávez airport.

LOOK: A friend of Pedro Castillo recorded daily spending for demonstrations in Lima

Both characters had in their possession money and a logbook of travel itineraries, passenger list, hotel payment, per diem compensation, and daily charges from the protesters who have been causing destruction and violence since last January, after the failed coup d’état. by Pedro Castillo.

Peru21 revealed that each protester receives 50 soles per day to attend a mobilization. For the protest in front of the United States embassy, ​​the aforementioned amount was disbursed, plus the cost of tickets. In addition, Navarro recorded in his bank account movements of up to 12 thousand soles per day.

For this reason, the Public Ministry identifies them “as alleged financiers of the social mobilizations” and has requested their preliminary arrest in order “to guarantee the development of the investigations and determine the responsibilities.”

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that Navarro Flores would have been harassing no less than 140 people “with the purpose of attacking police officers who were restraining protesters.” They indicated that despite the fact that on repeated occasions they were told to assume their right to protest peacefully, she refused and violently attacked the police officers by throwing stones.

According to the requirement – ​​obtained by Perú21 – Navarro and Jara “have weak domiciliary roots” since they are from Andahuaylas and Cusco (respectively), “which implies an increased risk of flight and that they cannot face the investigation with a lesser measure.” burdensome,” they said.

Pedro Castillo’s friend

Yaneth Navarro was a regular visitor to the Government Palace during the administration of Pedro Castillo. Between November 2021 and October 2022, she had three visits to the Executive headquarters, as well as to the ministries of Agrarian Development, Education, Women, Housing, and Congress.

Navarro was the protagonist of a report that revealed compromising messages between her and former president Castillo.

The teacher was a key player in the Castillo Terrones campaign in the Andahuaylas region. Both cultivated strong bonds of friendship to such an extent that, as various text messages showed, the former president called her “my teacher” and she “amauta.”

“You have to see where that money comes from, because a lot of things have been paid for. A special team of the Prosecutor’s Office must be appointed. Who is financing this situation of vandalism?” Said former head of Dircote José Baella.


  • Navarro Flores had disputes among his colleagues, since he wanted to hold the position of regional prefect of Apurímac due to his closeness to former president Pedro Castillo.
  • During her detention, she had in her possession a notebook, a notebook and S/1,900, while Jara had S/2,300.
  • In the seized material, contacts and “relationships with third parties related to the riots” are accredited.

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