A former Colombian international, arrested with drugs in four pairs of shoes

A former Colombian international, arrested with drugs in four pairs of shoes

The former Colombian soccer player Diego Leon Osorio He was arrested for the third time on April 8 in a drug trafficking case, Colombian police announced Friday. The defender, who won several titles with the National Athletic“planned a flight to Madrid” from Rionegro (northwest), a city near Medellín, “with 1,849 grams of cocaine,” said the Police in a press release.

At the airport, the authorities arrested him and discovered that he had the drugs hidden in four pairs of sneakers. The police did not formalize his arrest until Friday, after a video was released to the press in which Osario appears handcuffed next to a police officer.

The 52-year-old former soccer player had already been arrested in 2002 when he was transporting cocaine in Miami. He had been released after posting bail, but in 2016 he was arrested again in Medellín and placed under house arrest for five years.

Various precedents

It is not the first time that a soccer player from the country that produces the most cocaine in the world falls into the network of justice for drug trafficking. In 2021, former Colombian soccer star Anthony de Ávila was arrested for drug trafficking in the Italian city of Naples. The previous year, John Viafara, champion of the Libertadores de Caldas, was extradited to the United States for having participated in a drug shipment to that country. Luis Alfonso “Bendito” Fajardo and Wilson Pérez also faced similar legal problems.

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