A fire leaves severe damage in the Chosen Tobacco of San Antonio de los Baños

A fire leaves severe damage in the Chosen Tobacco of San Antonio de los Baños

A raging fire occurred in the early hours of this Sunday at the Chosen Tobacco building in San Antonio de los Baños, province of Artemisa, with no deaths or injuries reported, according to the official press.

“San Antonio woke up hot,” says a neighbor from that municipality who preferred to remain anonymous. According to some residents, the source affirms, the building could have caught fire “due to an electrical problem” although the ruling party has reported for the moment that “the causes that originated it will be evaluated” and “actions are being carried out to recover the damage caused.” ‘.

The incident occurred at dawn, says the neighbor, who adds that “they finished putting out the fire at seven in the morning and the Police and State Security are making waves here.”

To the place, in the morning hours of today, arrived Marino Murillo Jorge, president of Tabacuba, a business group to which the Artemiseña entity belongs. The official said that “luckily” it is not at the peak of production, so in the building there were “25 thirds of tobacco (the type of packaging used to transport and store the leaves)” and “a significant volume of empty boxes” that are used in the current campaign.

“It was a fire of many proportions,” with the risk that it would spread to neighboring houses, added Murillo, known as the czar of reforms by the foreign press and architect of the Planning Task, and who became head of Tabacuba in November. last year, after the failure of the latest economic changes he proposed, specifically monetary unification.

In his speech Addressed to official journalists, he referred to the discipline with which the residents of the place acted and added that the facility where the fire occurred has a characteristic: the intermediate divisions and other structures were made of wood, which together with the tobacco leaves, caused that the fire would take “a lot of force very quickly”.

“I have the perception that structurally there is no major damage, it is a brick installation, with very wide walls. The plate has some damage but it is not due to the fire,” he explained. He also announced that they will evaluate other damages but that the building where about 100 workers work will be recovered.

The official stated that he will take advantage of the future remodeling to “see” if they apply a new payment system to workers and no more wooden structures will be used inside the building. “This is how we Cubans are, one thing catches our attention and then it suits us better,” he said.

San Antonio of the Baths It was the municipality where the massive protests began on July 11 (11J). After the images of hundreds of residents shouting “freedom”, “down with communism”, “homeland and life”, “we want medicines” and “Díaz-Canel singao” went viral, thousands of compatriots in dozens of cities throughout the Island, they also decided to take to the streets.

After 11J, the regime carried out a wave of repression and arrests in that territory and in the other cities. Since then there have been very tense moments and human rights violations due to the trials of the detainees.

“Prepared testimonies” and contradictory predominate in the judicial process that is being carried out against 13 young protesters from Artemis, family members denounced last November. 14ymedio. During the trial that took place at the end of that month, the fabrication of accusations and the use of false witnesses were evidenced, with which the prosecution requested high sentences.

The Cuban authorities affirm that all the processes against those detained after 11J are in accordance with the country’s legality and criminal procedure, but the testimonies of those who have been released and their relatives, as well as Cubalex, the legal office that monitors the process, totally contradict that version.


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