A day for nature?

Every March 3, World Nature Day is celebrated all over the planet. The date was chosen in 2013 by the United Nations to commemorate the approval – that day and month, but in 1975 – of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

This celebration is also known as World Wildlife Day. It happens that, in Spanish, there is no definitive nomenclature, but various translations of the name in English: World Wildlife Day.

Why spend a day on this topic?

The United Nations made the decision to raise awareness of the need to protect nature. Indeed, a few decades have been enough for man to have upset the balance of the planet. Expert reports from around the world state that the prevailing type of development is not compatible with the Earth’s resources.

It is widely known that there is an overexploitation of resources such as oil, fresh water, forests, fishing, minerals, etc., which does not even benefit everyone equally. However, current consumption trends do not seem to reverse the situation.

A challenge facing humanity is to reconcile its continuous expansion and the limited resources of the planet; economic demands and ecological imperatives; the contemporary logic of production and respect for the environment.

For this reason, the concept of sustainable development was born in 1987: development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Despite its existence and frequent debates, the full implementation of such a concept is complex. There are strong economic interests that hinder, States without real political will and large segments of the population alienated from the problem.

World Nature Day should serve to reflect, dialogue, raise awareness… A global society of sustainable development requires the mobilization of all actors.

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