A couple was sentenced for trying to send cocaine to France

The magistrates decided to sentence Cynthia Acosta to six years in prison and Claudio Iván González to five years, who were found guilty of having tried to send a kilo of cocaine to France.

The couple was arrested on September 11, 2020 when they tried to send a package that supposedly had jackets to France, but in reality there was just over a kilo of cocaine inside.

Claudio Iván González was in charge of taking the package to a parcel delivery agency on September 11, 2020, but something caught the attention of those in charge of the place who asked the anti-drug agents to come and verify the package.

With the help of an anti-drug dog, it was detected that there were drugs in the parcel. The prosecutor’s office was summoned, the couple was arrested and then the box in which the cocaine was found was opened.

Both detainees were charged, accused and brought to trial, where they were finally sentenced by the Sentencing Court.

The entrance A couple was sentenced for trying to send cocaine to France was first published in diary TODAY.

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