A concertation plan with a view to the presidential elections

A concertation plan with a view to the presidential elections

“We are different, but we are committed to a way of doing civilized and democratic politics, which is to build consensus and agree on some major issues that are crucial for the present and the future of the country, regardless of our differences”, begins the document “Proposal for the agreement of the third space”, prepared by the deputy of the National Encounter Party, Kattya González.

The main objective is to present a presidential badge that is made up of a concertation rather than a political alliance. The document explains the preference towards concertation because it constitutes a political-electoral organization created by virtue of an agreement between two or more parties and political movements.

Meanwhile, the alliance is a political pact between two or more parties, normally like-minded, that can be formed before or after the elections are held, but is dissolved at the end of the elections in which they were presented.

This refers to the fact that the alliance can only last for a specific period of time, while the agreement can be maintained not for a simple period, but for several more governments to continue with the work theme.

For the PEN deputy, promoter of the document presented, the project contains an ideology, with proposals and a schedule. “With this, the cart should be put in front of the oxen and not the other way around,” said the parliamentarian, stating that no candidacy should be imposed, but should be made available to the preference.

The parties must agree to know why they want to get together and once that is decided, the document, the ideology and the purposes are analyzed so that the candidacies come later.

“I understand that the selection of a candidacy is of great interest because the Colorado party always marks everything, but with the document the focus does not revolve around the establishment of a candidacy in an indispensable way, but the analysis of projects, ideas and plans” , he pointed out.

In this regard, he stressed that the Colorado Party only cares about presenting its candidates because they think more about the capture of power to steal. In this sense, the document represents an invitation to citizens, opposition parties and movements that are interested in building something different to talk about the axes set out in the document.

“Here there is no talk of candidacies or particular interests, I can accompany the project in different ways. The only interest is to present something different and I will be in the way that is convenient and useful to my country, ”said Deputy González.

Regarding the point, he pointed out that the agreement is much more beneficial, compared to an alliance because it has a much deeper objective, remaining during the government period and being carried out with certain axes.

The parliamentarian ruled that the alliance only has an electoral approach, which is difficult to comply with because there is no legal basis that puts the allies in a position to fulfill certain commitments. “The agreement is a more democratic, inclusive, transversal model and for us it constitutes an exercise that must be carried out by the opposition,” he simplified.

On the other hand, regarding the possibility of carrying out these plans for the presidential elections, he said that the opposition is in time for the presentation of this agreement, unlike the Colorados who do things out of time, carrying out propaganda premature elections, violating all the laws without anyone saying something about it.

“We are very well, building a process with a calendar and we are on time,” said the parliamentarian.

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