A citizen is saved from robbery with a firearm in Quito

The man struggled with the offender while asking for help. The scene was recorded by office workers from the av sector. Republic.

A video broadcast through social networks by the journalist Johnatan Carrera shows the moment in which a citizen gets rid of the Stole that a criminal carrying a firearm tried against him in the sector of av. Republic, in the center-north of Quito.

The recording directly shows the man struggling with the thief, who covers his face with a motorcycle helmet and tries to snatch a briefcase in which the victim is presumed to have money; While this is happening, the citizen asks help shouting.

In a moment, the criminal triggers the firearm he was carrying in one of his hands, although fortunately the shot did not hit the citizen. Faced with the cries of people passing by and those who watched the action from nearby buildings, the antisocial gives up and runs to a motorcycle that awaits him a few steps away and in which he flees with a buddy.

The images have generated a series of indignant comments at what many citizens They describe the defenselessness of the people against the underworld. (DLH)

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