Captura de pantalla del video que circula en redes sobre el hecho.

A bus ran over two criminals fleeing in Quito

A video recorded the moment when the bus went against the motorcycle in which two men were fleeing after an assault.

A security camera recorded the moment when a bus rams two men who were fleeing after a assaultnorth of Quito, on Giovanni Calles and Quitus avenues, sector of Calderon.

The event occurred on March 1, 2022, but it went viral two days later.

It is known that after Stolethe two subjects intended escape aboard a motorcycle. But in the pictures you see when the bus turns, invades via and goes on top of the motorcycle; the men fall, try to flee again and are rammed again. Thus, other citizens neutralize them, although one of the assailants finally managed to flee.

The victim of Stole confronted the man and those who were in the bus they went down to help him.

recurring assaults

In the same sector, on February 22, 2022, a Surveillance Camera recorded the moment when four men beat up one woman while walking with her daughter. At video is seen when the woman He walked hand in hand with his daughter. Suddenly one motorcycle with two mens they surround them. (AVV)


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