85th Banking Convention design and high impact objectives

85th Banking Convention design and high impact objectives

For two days – March 24 and 25 – the financial union met both in situ and virtual at the 85th Banking Convention to address the challenges and opportunities for banking and Mexican society. The leaders of the sector, together with the highest authorities of the country, outlined a complete action plan and a strategic alliance for sustained growth and development of the country, through a strong and well capitalized financial system, as well as a solid macroeconomic framework and stable. This exercise was enriched by the ideas of world-class speakers such as Lawrence Summers, Mark Carney and Ban Ki-moon, to mention a few of them.

Within the framework of this convention, I had the opportunity to talk with Daniel Becker, President of the Association of Banks of Mexico, in the Norte Económico podcast, who shared valuable ideas and some of the plans that have been carried out throughout its management to meet the objectives that refer to the central theme of this year’s symposium “Inclusive banking in the digital age and the challenges of climate change”. The strategy in general terms is to transform the future of banking within a global situation with major changes in trend and significant challenges.

One of the topics of greatest interest focused on the technological aspects that are shaping the financial sector. The technological advance and the digital transformation that have been enhanced through the Fourth Industrial Revolution have modified business models, consumption patterns and practically all the aspects that surround us as individuals and as a society. This has brought innovation in processes, strategies and products, as well as the entry of new market participants in various industries, and the financial sector has not been exempt from this inertia. One of the objectives raised by those attending the convention is to continue carrying out innovation plans that allow banking to play a fundamental role in the digital economy. In addition to giving a social dimension to this digital transformation.

Another main topic on the agenda focused on sustainability issues and the strict adherence to ESG policies and international agreements to which the Mexican financial industry has adhered. On the one hand, there is a strong commitment to continue addressing gender equity issues, with the creation of committees, policies and processes that allow us to continue advancing on this front. On the other hand, continue with the implementation of green finance criteria that help achieve the environmental goals that the world requires. Likewise, the strategic plans continue to focus on issues of inclusion in multiple dimensions, so that banking continues to be a strong trigger for growth and development in our country.

In short, the 85th Banking Convention was a group of industry leaders, authorities and great thinkers, where dialogue, in-depth analysis of countless ideas and the design of plans with relevant, concise, measurable objectives and with a positive impact on industry, the economy, society and the environment. All this framed by a postcard of the beautiful port of Acapulco.

*The author is Deputy General Director of Economic and Financial Analysis of Grupo Financiero Banorte.

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