75-year-old man is kidnapped in Trujillo and they ask for S / 1,800,000 to release him alive

75-year-old man is kidnapped in Trujillo and they ask for S / 1,800,000 to release him alive

A 75-year-old man has been kidnapped for 26 days in Trujillo by a criminal gang that demands S/1,800,000 to free him. Relatives denounced that the kidnappers used police vests to take the victim.

The kidnappers kidnapped Manuel Rodriguez Cruzado (75) on June 24 at 7 in the morning. The older adult was intercepted when he was in his business (car wash), located in the Los Portales urbanization, and they put him in a red truck under death threats.

After disappearing with the old man, the criminals waited five days to communicate with their relatives and demand payment of one million 800 thousand soles for their release.

“We are uncertain, it’s been 25 days without knowing anything about him. Suddenly (the kidnappers) have already made a fatal decision. A call to the President and Minister of the Interior to find my father… They communicated 5 days after he was kidnapped and asked for 1,800,000 soles, an unattainable figure,” said Roxana, daughter of Manuel Rodríguez.

It was learned that the septuagenarian is the father of the former mayor of the province of Julcán (La Libertad) Jhon Rodríguez Espejo. In addition, family members indicated that the criminals posed as police officers to carry out the kidnapping.

“Again they have communicated again and continue to ask for the same sum of money, which is a very large amount that is impossible to collect”Other relatives of Rodríguez added.

old man is sick

On the other hand, it was reported that Manuel Rodríguez suffers from multiple illnesses and requires his daily medication. “My father needs to take his medication, we don’t know what state he should be in because he takes medication for blood pressure, heart and legs… I ask you to help us find my father, who is a person who suffers of diabetes, hypertension and gastritistold another daughter of the hostage.

kidnapping images

The 24 Hours newscast broadcast a video where part of the journey made by the red truck can be seen, however, the final route made by said vehicle is still unknown.

The Police have carried out investigations and everything indicates that the criminal gang “Los Pulpos” would be behind this kidnapping. The videos provided are analyzed.

The family demands direct intervention from the Ministry of the Interior to speed up the search for Manuel Rodríguez, as they fear the worst.


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