61% of motorcycles in Colombia do not have the current Soat

61% of motorcycles in Colombia do not have the current Soat

According to the Runt data, at the end of the first quarter of 2022, 61% of motorcycles in the country do not have the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat) in forcea mandatory requirement to travel on the roads of Colombia.

(Abecé of the benefits of Soat and why it is important to have it).

This means that more than 6.3 million motorcycles of the 10.3 million registered do not have the Soat, which has led to a financial imbalance in the system.

“Imagine a business in which half of the people do not pay, but they still receive care. If you are injured in a vehicle that does not have Soat, the health system cares for you, and all of this carries expenses, but the person who It is not insured, it is not assuming the cost of insurance. This is one of the most serious problems, with a high evasion rate, which is even higher in motorcycles, 60% do not have Soat and they are the ones with the highest accident rate.” , said Miguel Gómez, president of Fasecolda, in Inside LR.

According to the report, the departments that register the largest number of motorcycles without valid Soat are Amazonas (91%), Sucre (87%), Córdoba (85%), Arauca (85%), La Guajira (84%) and Chocó ( 83%).

(The law that suspended the expiration of driving licenses falls).

How much does it cost to acquire Soat?

By 2022, heThe Superfinanciera decreed an increase of 12.24% in the rates of the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance.

Thus, the prices of the Soat range from $200,200 for mopeds, $414,800 for motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of less than 100 CC, $556,500 for those from 100 CC to 200 CC, $627,600 for those with more than 200 CC, and $627,600 for motorcycles, tricycles. and quads.

Of course, last year, Law 2161 of 2021 was approved, which establishes a 10% discount on the insurance policy for drivers with good road behavior.

The Traffic and Transportation Police may impose a fine of a minimum wage on those who do not have a valid Soat. In addition, the vehicle will be immobilized and taken to the parking lots of each Ministry of Mobility.


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