6 in 1 |  Maduro provided a Christmas dinner and reviewed his government in 2022

6 in 1 | Maduro provided a Christmas dinner and reviewed his government in 2022

The year is coming to an end and Nicolás Maduro took stock of his management during 2022 accompanied by the political, military, police, regional, municipal and National Government authorities, in which he called for an end to the “criminal dollar” and assured that public services will improve thanks to the investment of 3,150 million dollars

For Nicolás Maduro these have been the best Christmases and this Monday, December 12, he took the political, military, police, regional, municipal and National Government authorities to what he called a “humble” Christmas dinner in which he took advantage of spending review the six strategic lines that his government outlined for this 2022.

“Good year this 2022, a year of work and recovery. Year of growth of achievements, we have reviewed the theoretical framework that we have launched this 2022 and we have seen them in perspective towards 2030, ”he said.

1. The crime dollar

Maduro is disturbed by the dollar, but he clarified that he is only bothered by what he called the “criminal dollar.”

For the ruler, there is only one official marker that is adapted to the economy and that has allowed “a year 2022 of economic growth stability.” In this sense, he indicated that with perseverance and all economic agents, his government has managed to defeat a “surviving instrument of economic warfare.”

“I have called to defend the official dollar marker. To God praying and with the people acting, ”he said. He also indicated that in a recent conversation with the president of a bank (he did not say which one) digital transactions went from 100 thousand per minute to 700 thousand. What he considered an overheating of the domestic market and on which, according to Maduro, the “criminal dollar from Miami” rides.

But nothing happens, the president said that these activities will be controlled and that the years 2023, 2024 and 2025 will be of growth and entrepreneurship. “Years to heal the social wounds and inequalities resulting from sanctions,” he said.

2. The real ones were thawed

Among the strategic lines that Maduro reviewed during his Christmas dinner was 1×10 of Good Government “doing a lot with little,” said the president. At this point he explained that he needs to continue to maintain activities and investments.

And he released that recently and in the resumption of negotiations in Mexico, with the opposition and its government, a social agreement was signed with the Unitary Platform of Venezuela and Gerardo Blyde, whom he described as an “honorable man”, for the investment of 3,150 million of dollars “recovered from frozen accounts abroad” that will be allocated to the country’s public services and rain damage.

“I am sure that this agreement is going to be fulfilled because that is how it was pledged and Gerardo Blyde is going to comply. It is an important talk that will reach the effort of the public services of the country and the Bricomiles”, he said.

3. Laws and communal councils

The People’s Power was also present at Maduro’s address and in this sense said that it has received reports on how the consultations on the reforms of all the laws are progressing. “A set of political adjustments to speed up this process of changing the laws. In a year of consolidation and expansion of popular councils and communes”.

Maduro recalled that this year they reached the renewal of 70% of the communal councils and that only 30% would remain…

We leave you this note as a note: In a week the PSUV “lost” 1,824 communities in elections for street leaders

4. From here to there and from there to here

Regularizing relations with Colombia (it’s good to continue with that) was another item on Maduro’s agenda this Monday, December 12. He stated that the borders of the entire west with Colombia and the passage of trucks, cars and motorcycles will be a New Year’s gift for the people of the border.

“We are preparing everything to announce with the promised word of President Gustavo Petro the opening of the border on January 1. We have received the prospects for economic, commercial, cultural and diplomatic development with the triumph of Lula Da Silva in Brazil”.

5. A “fair” justice

Maduro wants a more transparent justice, “each one advancing in their tasks,” he said. In this sense, he explained that for the new era (we do not know which one because he did not explain) the peace quadrants have been established in 90% of the national territory.

“Citizen security is paramount, we have reviewed this set of issues and always coordinating proposals and ideas to set the tone for attention to the needs of the people. We must continue perfecting the 1×10 of Good Government and the Bricomiles”.

He admitted that there is still a lot to improve for this 2022 (there are two and a half weeks left until the end of the year) and applauded the technological innovation of his government with the ComeApp.

6. The popular rumba

For Maduro, the party continues and from December 15 to 17 a national contest will be held, to select from “popular creativity” the three cribs that represent the Venezuelan national culture.

All this accompanied by what he called a popular rumba that will consist of misa de gallo, parrandas, bagpipes. “What does Zulia, Anzoátegui, Mérida, Caracas say…” In addition, he promised the children their Christmas gift, his Child Jesus, “we will see each other, my greetings,” he concluded.

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