5 tons of Paraguayan cocaine fall in Belgium

Julio Fernández, director of Customs, called a press conference to give details about the seizure of a shipment of more than 5 tons of cocaine in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. He explained that this is the result of coordinated work between the intelligence agencies of both countries, which lasted several months.

“This case is very different from the previous ones. It was the product of a multi-month investigation. Complaint from the same Prosecutor’s Office with designated prosecutors. It was a report from Customs Paraguay to its counterpart in Belgium”, he reported.

Fernández explained that they reviewed the alert and found that it was positive. Shortly after, the same Customs authorities of our country traveled to the European country to continue with the investigations and the operation.

“Right now all the investigation is in charge of Senad. Investigations continue in Europe. We are sorry that the information has been leaked because the operation continues. It represents a heavy blow of 250 million euros which is equivalent to 50 scanners for our country”, he stated.

Finally, he argued that when the load is so large, it is best to control it in ports of more developed countries, since the greater the load, the greater the volume of the product that hides it. Therefore, advanced technology is needed to detect the drug and not end up whitewashing these criminal groups.

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