41% of vehicles used by the Assembly are 'immobilized'

41% of vehicles used by the Assembly are ‘immobilized’

The Assembly seeks to contract the preventive maintenance service for the institution’s vehicles.

The approved budget is $ 131,040. The amount will be used to hire a company that does the preventive, corrective and hidden damage maintenance of National Assembly vehicles and motorcycles. On November 17, the process to search for a supplier was authorized to begin.

The process is already on the Public Procurement portal. There you can find the list of requests to be fulfilled by the mechanical workshops that aspire to be awarded the contract. The duration of the service will be nine months or “until the assigned resources run out, whichever comes first.”

Among the documents that are part of the hiring process, there is a report on the general state of the legislative fleet. There it is observed that the institution is in charge 43 vehicles. Five of them were delivered by Inmobiliaria, the public company in charge of managing seized assets, and four were given in bailment by the Ministry of Government.

The report indicates that vehicles They were acquired between 2008 and 2015. Eighteen of them are in poor condition (41%) and have currently been classified as “immobilized”. Among those vehicles are a Chevrolet minivan, a Hino bus, three Nissan Patrol, also Toyota Ford Tunner cars and a BMW motorcycle.

In the process need report, it is indicated that the vehicles are immobilized “For different reasons, which cannot be determined, as there is no workshop in which to carry out a technical diagnosis of each and every one of the units belonging to the Automotive Park of the Assembly National”.

Last June it was known about the opening of a process of acquisition of high-end vehicles for the Assembly, which was criticized by legislators from various benches. (DP)


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