390.152 nuevos votos y las otras tres curules que tendría en el Senado el Pacto Histórico: según resultados del escrutinio

390,152 new votes and the other three seats that the Historical Pact would have in the Senate: according to the results of the scrutiny

After the complaints about the Forms E-14, the registrar Alexánder Vega assured that the National Electoral Council should be expected to approve 100% of the scrutiny of the tables to know the changes that there will be in the makeup of Congress.

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Extensive have been the complaints and the controversies that have erupted after the recent parliamentary elections that took place in Colombia. Reports of “fraud”, “theft” or manipulation of votes flooded social networks. In the country there was an eagerness to know what would be the results of the scrutiny that was carried out by the National Registry and today they were finally given officially.

The preliminary results were released by the same registrar Alexánder Vega, who through a press conference in which he did not allow questions explained what 97% of the scrutiny.

390,152 more votes for the Historical Pact

In the absence of scrutinizing 3%, the Historical Pact adds 390,152 new votes, which so far, added to the 2,302,847 that were held in the first count last Sunday, March 13, they would give a total of 2,692,999.

Which would reconfirm Gustavo Petro’s party as the winner of the vote for the Senate.

With the results of the scrutiny and the additional votes that have been known in the last few hours, the Historical Pact would win at least three new seats. Going from 16 to 19.

However, according to what was indicated this Friday by the registrar, It would not be confirmed how this vote changes the composition of Congress.

Since you have to wait until the National Electoral Council approves 100% of the scrutiny of the polling stations.

Scrutiny by parties

  • Historical Pact went from 2,302,847 to 2,692,999 votes: ( + 390,152)
  • PConservative art went from 2,213,528 to 2,201,183 votes: ( – 12,345)
  • Pliberal art went from 2,074,408 to 2,078,858 votes: ( – 4,450)
  • Green Alliance Hope Center went from 1,956,985 to 1,906,021 votes: (-50,964)
  • Democratic Center went from 1,929,370 to 1,874,762 votes: ( – 54,608)
  • Radical change went from 1,610,656 to 1,586,284 votes: ( -24,372)
  • the u obtained 1,494,098 votes but reported last Sunday 1,506,134: (- 12,036)
  • Mira-Colombia Free Fair 564,737 votes and had reported 591,366: (– 26,629)
  • Citizen Force went from 439,596 to 417,300: ( – 22,296)
  • New Liberalism from 329,756 to 352,704 votes: ( – 22,948)
  • We are ready from 108,761 to 108,657: ( – 104 )
  • SOS Movement Colombia went from 51,781 to 55,046 votes: ( + 3,265)
  • New People Movement from 34,297 to 36,346 votes: ( + 2,049 )
  • national salvation today it received 29,102 and they had reported 30,066: ( – 964)
  • common went from 31,116 to 24,862 votes: ( – 6,254)
  • Unitary Metapolitical Movement went from 12,588 to 11,915: ( – 673)

Constant complaints by Forms E-14

From the Electoral Observation Movement Several complaints and reports were received through the E-14 formswhich are similar to what was experienced in recent electoral processes:

  • “The EU EOM wants to point out that the discrepancy between the results of the pre-count for the Senate and those produced by this first stage of the scrutiny has been unusually large. Above all, for some parties and coalitions.
  • “The design of the E-14 forms is extremely complex and very prone to errors.”
  • “The EU EOM has also identified numerous errors in the transcription of the E-14 in the scrutiny phase, which it has brought to the attention of the Registrar’s Office.”
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