21,836 new coronavirus infections were registered

21,836 new coronavirus infections were registered

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Another 145 people died and 21,836 were reported with coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Argentina, which adds up to 122,584 deaths officially registered at the national level and 8,577,215 those infected since the start of the pandemic, reported the Ministry of Health.

The health portfolio indicated that there are 2,630 hospitalized patients with coronavirus in intensive care units, with a percentage of adult bed occupancy of 48.8% in the country and 45.8% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

Details of the deceased

The part specified that 68 women and 77 men died.

Regarding the 68 women, 41 are from the Province of Buenos Aires, 2 from the City of Buenos Aires, 1 from Chaco, 4 from Córdoba, 2 from Jujuy, 2 from Mendoza, 1 from Misiones, 1 from Río Negro, 2 from Salta, 3 from San Juan, 5 from Santa Cruz, 3 from Santa Fe, 1 from Tucumán.

The detail of the 77 deceased men is as follows: 34 are from the Province of Buenos Aires, 2 from the City of Buenos Aires, 1 from Catamarca, 3 from Chaco, 7 from Córdoba, 1 from Entre Ríos, 2 from Formosa, 1 from Jujuy, 2 from La Rioja, 1 from Mendoza, 7 from Misiones, 1 from Neuquén, 2 from Río Negro, 5 from Salta, 2 from San Juan, 4 from Santa Cruz, and 2 from Santa Fe.

The details of the infections

The Ministry also indicated that 60,159 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and since the beginning of the outbreak there have been 32,985,718 diagnostic tests for this disease.

Regarding the reported daily infected cases, in Buenos Aires there were 9,327, 2,985 in CABA, 310 in Catamarca, 370 in Chaco, 253 in Chubut, 516 in Corrientes, 1,229 in Córdoba, 505 in Entre Ríos, 573 Formosa, 108 in Jujuy, 340 in La Pampa, 404 in La Rioja, 438 in Mendoza, 310 in Misiones, 342 in Neuquén, 276 in Río Negro, 263 in Salta, 187 in San Juan, 259 in San Luis, 109 in Santa Cruz, 1,617 in Santa Fe, 90 in Santiago del Estero, 81 in Tierra del Fuego and 944 in Tucumán.

The total accumulated by district indicates that the province of Buenos Aires adds 3,339,427 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 967,494; Catamarca, 82,958; Chaco, 160,922; Chubut, 112,047; Currents, 124,875; Cordova, 918,796; Between Rivers, 192,553; Formosan, 103,784; Jujuy, 103,482; La Pampa, 99,646; La Rioja, 45,226; Mendoza, 261,050; Missions, 50,137; Neuquen, 163,430; Rio Negro, 141,064; Jump, 152,365; Saint John, 141,887; Saint Louis, 131,551; Holy Cross, 85,066; Santa Fe, 708,669; Santiago del Estero, 123,700; Tierra del Fuego, 44,316 and Tucumán, 322,689.

Existing cases in the Malvinas Islands are included according to press information (due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is not possible to have our own information on the impact of Covid-19 in that part of Argentine territory) .

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