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March 11, 2022
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2-0: Hermanos Colmenárez goes up against La Guaira

2-0: Hermanos Colmenárez goes up against La Guaira

Colmenarez Brothers won 2-0 at Sports La Guaira this Thursday in his debut in the first leg of the first phase of the South American Cupin the stadium Agustin Tovar of Barinason Venezuelawhich was also his first international presentation.

With a goal from Cesar Magellanwho took a shot with the right foot from the center of the area, with the assistance of John Camilo Zapata in minute 44, those of Colmenarez Brothers They opened the scoring.

They consolidated their victory with a second goal in the 55th minute scored by Wilmar Gonzalez.

When the meeting starts Gabriel Colmenarez showed the superiority of the locals with a dangerous shot from outside the area, very close to the right post, but deflected.

The reaction of Sports La Guaira He arrived in the 8th minute with a left footed shot from the right side of the inside of the penalty area. Jovanny Bolivarwhich was rejected.

The first 20 minutes of the game were very level with Colmenarez Brothers betting on speed and Sports La Guaira responding with control of the ball and clear passes.

Towards the second half of the first half, the barineses showed their superiority and discipline with a first goal due to the lack of space and defense of the guaireños.

Colmenarez Brothers opened the second half with a goal in the 55th minute from Wilmar Gonzalezwho found supportive assistance from the man who consecrated himself with the team’s first international goal, Cesar Magellan.

The second leg of these Venezuelan teams will be next Thursday, March 17 to define the one that advances to the group stage of the tournament.

– Data sheet:

2. Colmenarez Brothers: Jesus Camargo; Joel Cáceres, Cleidemar Osorio, Manuel Granados (m.73, Johan Osorio), José Luis Granados; Luis Melo, Gabriel Colmenárez (m.78, Starling Yendi); César Magallán (m.84, Eliézer Meléndez), Anuar Peláez (m.84, Jairo Pérez), Juan Camilo Zapata, Wilmar González Aguinaga.

Coach: Luis Alberto Pacheco.

0. Deportivo La Guaira: Carlos Olses; Carlos Rojas Torres (m.68, Luis Ovalle), Jon Mikel Aramburu Mejías, Jiovany Ramos, Francisco La Mantía; Kendrys Silva, Yohan Cumaná (m.76, Kervin Andrade), Arles Flores, Guillermo Marín Pino (m.58, Edson Rivas); Jovanny Bolívar (m.68, Darluis Paz) and Santiago Herrera (m.58, Leonardo Mosquera).

Coach: Daniel Farias.

Goals: 1-0, m.44: Cesar Magallán. 2-0, m.55: Wilmar González.

Referee: Bolivian Dilio Rodríguez admonished Melo, Zapata and Flores.

Incidents: First leg of the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana, played at the Agustín Tovar Stadium located in Barinas, Venezuela.

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