19 trials continue for crimes against humanity

19 trials continue for crimes against humanity

In the Week of Memory, 19 trials continue for crimes against humanity (File Photo)

In the week in which the Day of Truth, Memory and Justice -Thursday, March 24- will continue 19 trials against humanity throughout the country, and seven of these oral and public processes are in the pleading stage.

On Monday, starting at 9:30 a.m., Attorney General Marcelo García Berro will continue with his argument in the trial of five retired militarys by the so-called “death flights” who left Campo de Mayo with militants who were thrown from the air into the waters of the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9, in Santiago del Esterowill continue the trial that reviews the acquittals of seven of the accused in the so-called “Megacause III“.

On Tuesday, from 9, will continue the witness statementswithin the framework of the trial “wells” of banfield and Quilmes and “Hell” by Lanus that investigates the crimes suffered against 419 victims and what does it have 19 defendantsamong them the multiconvicted Miguel Osvaldo Etchecolatz, who accumulates eight life sentencesand is simultaneously facing three processes.

Also on Tuesday, from 9.30, at Santa Fethe hearings will continue in the trial of former federal judge Víctor Brusa already the former police officers Santafesinos María Eva Aebi and Juan Eduardo González, for illegal coercion to the detriment of three victims.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8.30 in The Pampathe Federal Oral Court of Santa Rosa will hear the allegation of the defenses in the trial that addresses illegitimate deprivation of liberty, torture, humiliation and crimes against sexual integrity to 196 people in clandestine detention centers in Subzone 14 of the Army, between 1975 and 1982.

Students in a tribute to the victims of the Clandestine Detention and Extermination Center, former Banfield well Photo Archive
Students in a tribute to the victims of the Clandestine Detention and Extermination Center, former “Banfield well” (File Photo)

On Wednesday, at 9, in White Baywill continue the reading of the accusation in the trial for the Mega cause Zone 5 who judges 38 defendants for crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty, torture, homicides and crimes against sexual integrity, perpetrated in the jurisdiction of the V Army Corps.

On Wednesday, moreover, from 9.30 in silverthe hearings of the trial known as “Home of Bethlehem“, which has as accused the repressor Etchecolatzto six other former police officersto a former Buenos Aires government minister of the last military dictatorship a former court clerk for the crimes suffered in injury to five people.

One of the cases analyzed in this trial is that of the militant Vicenta Orrego Mezawho was killed in an operation by the repressive forces.

After the execution of Vicenta, his three childrenCarlos Alberto Ramírez, María Ester Ramírez, Alejandro Mariano Ramírez, were appropriated and housed in the Belén minority home in Banfield, where they were victims of sexual abuse and their identities were stolen.

In addition, it will take place from 9 in the federal courts of Saint Martina new hearing of the trial that investigates the events that occurred on March 29, 1976 in the fifth “La Pastoril”, located between Monsegur and Padre Fahy streets in the Buenos Aires town of Brownwhere a meeting of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT-ERP) was taking place when an operation was deployed by joint forces that led to acts of State terrorism.

Clandestine Detention and Extermination Center Former Banfield well Testimonial statements will continue on Tuesday from the Banfield and Quilmes wells trial and El Infierno de Lans, which investigates the crimes suffered against 419 victims Photo Archive
Clandestine Detention and Extermination Center Former “Banfield well”. On Tuesday, the testimonial statements of the “wells” trial of Banfield and Quilmes and “El Infierno” of Lanús will continue, which investigates the crimes suffered against 419 victims (File Photo)

On Friday, from 9 o’clock, after the Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, the “Mercedes Regiment” trial for illegal deprivation of liberty, torture and homicide between March and July 1976 by personnel of the 6th Infantry Regiment of Mercedes “General Viamonte”, of whom were victims 37 people members of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT-ERP), the Guevarista Youth and the Socialist Workers Party, and whose purpose was dismantle the publication of the magazines “El Combatiente” and “Estrella Roja”.

Finally, from 10 o’clock Mar del Platathe trial will continue for the cause La Huerta for crimes committed to the detriment of 70 people in the cities of Tandil, Azul, Saladillo and surroundings and that has 18 defendantsincluding civilians Emilio and Julio Méndez, who were convicted in 2012, but acquitted by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

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