19 people testify after raids and search in prisons to dismantle gangs

The policeman arrested 12 people this Thursday after 16 raids, and moved from various prisons to another seven to testify before the prosecution, reported the Ministry of the Interior. The arrests were in Rivera, Tranqueras, Vichadero, Minas de Corrales and Montevideo.

The arrests occur for “Churrinches” operationwhich has the objective of dismantling criminal groups from Brazil that operate on the Rivera-Livramento border.

In total, the troops detained 12 people (men and women) and transferred seven prisoners (6 men and one woman) from various penitentiary units in the country, they told The Observer ministerial sources.

During the proceedings, meanwhile, two vans and a car, cell phones, marijuana, a precision scale were seized, $5,070, 1,013 reais; US$20, a 38-caliber revolver, a shotgun, a rifle, 31 .44-caliber ammunition, eight 38-caliber ammunition, six 7.62-caliber shells and one .357-caliber shell.

Part of what was seized this Thursday

The detainees are at the disposal of Rivera’s 3rd Shift Prosecutor’s Office and the 2nd Shift Legal Court.

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