$160,000 more than the minimum wage: this is the increase for 2023 in Colombia

$160,000 more than the minimum wage: this is the increase for 2023 in Colombia

In Colombia, labor unions and unions agreed to a 16% increase in the minimum wage, as well as the transportation aid.

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This Thursday as decisive dayin Colombia it was agreed between the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores and business unions, a 16% increase in the minimum wage for 2023, also increases the transportation aid.

There are $160,000 that are added to the salary earned by just over 3 million people in Colombia who have contracts directly with companies and businesses.

  • $1,160,000 salary.
  • $140,160 transportation subsidy (up 20%)

Although for many it is what was expected given the economic reality of the country and the situation that many companies are going through, this increase has not escaped controversy.

Salary goes up, expenses go up

The minimum wage for 2022 is 1,000,000, which is paid to just over 3 million employees In colombia. They also receive transportation assistance of $117,000.

But with the increase in salary, the costs of services, goods and products of the basic family basket also increase.

  • Notarial services go up.
  • Traffic fines are also adjusted upwards.
  • Propane gas (in cylinders)
  • With inflation, residential rental prices will increase, for contracts that have already been signed for one year.
  • Property tax in municipalities
  • The basic food basket

And while it was discussed between 13 and 20% that for the minimum translated into a maximum increase of $200,000, many question what congressman will earn In colombia: $2.5 million and retroactive (which does not apply to all due to seniority).

“It’s Congress’s fault”: $2.5 million increase in the salary of congressmen in Colombia

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