13 cases of scabies reported in Placilla school

During this day, the increase to 13 cases of scabies infection was known at the Colegio República de México, located in the Placilla sector, Valparaíso.

On March 16, the first case was reported, which caused the suspension of classes for two days and the sanitization of the establishment. However, the cases increased once the students returned to classes.

In this regard, the director of the school, Patricia Aravenatalked with Radio Bio Bio specifying that fumigations will be carried out every week, specifically on Fridays. This action will be carried out in all rooms, not only in sectors with infection.

The local education service indicated last Thursday that they are in coordination with the Seremi de Salud to execute the corresponding protocols.

Likewise, personnel from Cesfam de Placilla carried out a general inspection and scheduled a visit to verify the establishment.

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