Alexis Borges Wilson manifestante 11J

11J protester Alexis Borges Wilson repressed in prison

HAVANA, Cuba.- 11J protester Alexis Borges Wilson denounced that he has been repressed by the authorities of the Combinado del Este prison, located at kilometer 13 ½ of the Monumental road, in the Guanabacoa municipality of the capital of Cuba. the island.

The protester pointed out that on multiple occasions he has demanded to be transferred from building 1, which is where the most dangerous inmates are, those with the longest sentences and the worst crimes. As he told CubaNet, for this reason the 2nd head of the prison, an officer nicknamed “20-20”, assured him some time ago that he was going to change him to building 2. However, given that months have passed and The promise has not been fulfilled. On July 20, Borges Wilson protested exclaiming slogans such as “Homeland and Life”, “Liberty”, etc.

Borges Wilson also explained that in retaliation he was taken to the office of the head of building 1, an officer who identifies himself as Major Hardy, who ordered the group leader and the 2nd chief of internal order in the building, officer Ariesly, that if the prisoner protested again in the same way they sprayed him with spray and they will beat him up.

Likewise, the protester denounced that he continues without treatment for his vision loss, because, although several weeks ago they took him to the ophthalmologist at the Combinado hospital, the professional alleged that he was not a specialist in optic neuropathy and limited himself to referring him to the Miguel hospital Enríquez, so that they could do some tests there and be evaluated by an expert.

Alexis Borges Wilson assures that the military warned him that they would take him to Miguel Enríquez on July 21, but they did not comply. Meanwhile, with each passing day he loses more vision, and can barely read anymore.

Borges-Wilson He was sentenced to 20 years of deprivation of liberty for the alleged crime of “sedition”, a figure with which the Cuban Government has curtailed the right of assembly, which is nothing more than individual public freedom that empowers a group of people to attend temporarily in one place, peacefully and unarmed. The right of assembly is considered a freedom and a first generation human right.

The protester, a resident of the Diez de Octubre municipality, is 57 years old. If he completes his entire sentence, he would be released at the age of 77. Two of his sisters went to see him and he confirmed that he would continue to strike, since he would rather die than spend 20 years in prison for exercising a fundamental right.

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