11 Certified Territorial Entities have not started the PAE

11 Certified Territorial Entities have not started the PAE

Cut to March 28, 2022, the Comptroller General of the Nation identified that there are 11 Certified territorial entities (ETC) that have not yet given a timely start to the School Feeding Program (PAE).

(The World Bank approves two credits of US$830 million for Colombia).

The Buenaventura Entity presents a delay in the start of operations of 70 days. Neiva, Caquetá, Cesar, Pitalito, Córdoba, Cúcuta, Magdalena, Santa Marta, Sincelejo and Sucre, present a delay of more than two months.

According to the Comptroller’s Office, in 10 Educational Institutions of 5 FTEs, health quality and safety alerts have been presented due to disease outbreaks Transmitted by Foods (ETA) in the ECP rations received.

(Colombia’s efforts to reduce hunger in the country).

Likewise, in the visits carried out, it was possible to show shortcomings in infrastructure conditions required for the delivery of food, as well as the lack of utensils in most educational venues.

The Comptroller’s Office deployed a Special Monitoring of the execution of the PAE, making visits to more than 150 educational institutions in the country, through which it identified that the 37% of centers do not comply with the provisions of the technical guidelines.

(The challenges of Colombia before the face-to-face return to classes).

In addition, according to the entity, in 77% of the institutions visited, the supervision of parents and the School Feeding Committees (CAE) have not yet been formed.


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