11 businessmen and 10 officials imprisoned for corruption in PDVSA

11 businessmen and 10 officials imprisoned for corruption in PDVSA

The Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, denounced that “in the best style of the soap opera drug mafias”, these detained PDVSA and Sunacrip officials recruited young people to legitimize capital.

He explained that it was possible to detect a network of officials who, using their position and their levels of authority, proceeded to carry out oil operations parallel to Petróleos de Venezuela.

In this case, which he called the network PDVSA-Cryptoit was possible to detect a network of officials who, using their position and their levels of authority, proceeded to execute parallel oil operations to Petróleos de Venezuela

“This was done through the assignment to Sunacrip and individuals of crude oil cargoes on ships by that state company, without any type of administrative control or guarantees, in breach of regulations,” the prosecutor explained.

So far, 11 businessmen and 10 public officials are imprisoned for corruption in PDVSA, who will also be charged with the crime of Treason against the Homeland, for having violated their loyalty oath, failing in their duties and ethics inherent to public office “These workers public mocked the need of the people, they were merciless against the workers, the father of the family to enrich themselves illegally”.

All these detainees are charged with the crimes of appropriation or distraction of public property, boasting or use of relationships or influences, money laundering and association.

The accusation process is expected, which will lead to contacting other implicated parties, said the Prosecutor.

Who are the detainees

The public officials arrested are:

  • Antonio José Pérez Suárez, Vice President of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA and head of the corruption structure
  • Joselit de La Trinidad Ramirez Camacho, National Superintendent of Crypto Assets and crypto financial operator
  • Hugbel Rafael Roa Carucciformer deputy of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Jose Augustin Ramos
  • yamil alejandro martinez
  • Odoardo Jose Bordones
  • Heinrich Chapellin Biundo
  • Jesus Enrique Salazar

These last 5 officials were from PDVSA’s Vice Presidency of Commerce and Supply with positions of responsibility for contracting, commerce, and cargo operations.

  • Rajiv Alberto Mosqueda and Renny Gerardo Barrientos, both from the Digital Mining and Associated Processes Administration.

The 11 “businessmen” arrested are:

  • Manuel Meneses, financial operator and adviser to the head of the structure
  • Rogers Martínez, coordinator of financial operations and liaison between public officials and associated businessmen.
  • Rafael Perdomo and Roger Perdomo, brothers who acted as associated businessmen and national financial operators to legitimize the capital.
  • Daniel Prieto, associated businessman and financial operator at a national and international level. He fled to the Dominican Republic but is already in prison.
  • Kristhonfer Barrios
  • Johanna Torres
  • Alejandro Arroyo
  • Bernardo Arosio
  • Fernando Bermudez
  • leonardo torres

“These subjects laundered money and legitimized capital, they were assigned million-dollar contracts, which they almost never fulfilled, even some from the time when Hugbel Roa was Minister for Food, already came with a record that was being monitored that culminated in his arrest”.

It also reported that 11 more people are under arrest warrant:

Juan Manuel Afonso, Manuel Ramón Afonso, brothers who acted as associated businessmen and international financial operators to legitimize illicitly obtained capital

William Rivas, Ximena Cagides Parada, Eduardo Noriega, José Luis Fernández, Olvani Gaspari, Railin Elizabeth Yépez (known as the model Ely Jeims), Rodolfo Moleiro, Alejandro Londoño and Yuravic Ravello, also a well-known model and social media influencer.

“Several of the ladies who recruit men and women to legitimize capital are part of this group of people linked to businessmen. They demonstrated a lifestyle that does not correspond to any public official and less in the case of any of these ladies who do not have a study or work origin, suddenly they appeared linking themselves to these subjects, giving themselves a life that honestly not even the princes of the world Gulf they give it to him ”, affirmed the prosecutor Saab.

The crimes that these detainees will be accused of are: appropriation or distraction of public property, boasting or use of relationships or influences, money laundering and association.

The prosecutor noted that since last August to date, 30 corruption-related plots have been investigated, particularly those linked to the oil industry. “It is a systematic action by the Venezuelan state,” he said.

He reported that 194 people have been prosecuted for these cases, 6,067 accusations have been made and 75 people have already been sentenced. Likewise, 16,090 people have been charged. There are a total of 3,976 people convicted of corruption.

Arrest of Cornieles and Marquez García confirmed

Prosecutor Tarek William Saab commented on the cases of corruption detected within the judiciary and confirmed the arrest of the three officials implicated in acts of corruption.

Such is the case of the arrest of Cristóbal Cornielles, president of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Caracas and the fourth control judge with competence in cases related to crimes of terrorism, José Maximino Márquez García. He explained that these officials agreed as such to grant a precautionary measure to Pelón Cheremos, a member of the Tren del Llano.

“They changed the classification of the accusation that the Public Ministry had made, at their discretion, and they granted a substitute measure to the prisoner, Cheremos Carrasquel, prosecuted as a member of the criminal group known as the Tren del Llano, so that she could be tried in freedom ”, said the Prosecutor.

He noted that Pelón Cheremos is currently detained and one of the crimes for which he will be prosecuted will be terrorism.

Another case of corruption in the judiciary was detected in the Falcón state, where the Falcón judge, Yorvis Bracho Gómez, at the time of holding a special third party hearing, agreed to the delivery of four vehicles, “which were the subject of a measure precautionary measure of seizure requested at the time by the Public Ministry, but the judge at his discretion agreed to the delivery of the vehicles that had already been requested by the prosecutors for their seizure,” he explained.

He noted that the owners of these vehicles are subject to a criminal investigation, and even investigated as third parties, for or that it is presumed that the judge takes advantage of his position to grant judicial benefits.

The three officials of the judiciary implicated in corruption will be charged with the following charges: intentional delay or omission of functions and criminal association, “which determines the deprivation of liberty of all of them,” he said.

Prosecutors 50 National, 67 National and 73 National, attached to the Public Ministry are the ones who are handling this case.

The mayor of Las Tejerías connected with the alias Niño Guerrero

He also highlighted the case of the mayor of the municipality Santos Michelena (Las Tejerías), Aragua, Pedro Hernandez Fennel, who was arrested for his links to the criminal organization founded by Carlos Enrique Gómez Rodríguez (alias El Conejo), killed last Thursday in Irapa (Sucre).

“This mayor financed and supported parties and public events with resources from the Venezuelan state, logistical material for the criminal group of the criminal gang led by alias El Conejo.”

He revealed that this former mayor was directly linked to the criminal Héctor Guerrero, alias El Niño Guerrero, who leads international criminal and terrorist cells in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

This former mayor was charged with aggravated extortion, terrorism, obstruction of free trade, aggravated criminal association, money laundering and treason. “He will spend a minimum of 30 years in prison,” he said.

There are no Netflix movies here, here are prisoners. The maximum penalty will fall on this group of people. He stressed that the fight against corruption keeps the country united, beyond any nuance, supports this fight led by the President of the Republic as Head of State and that the Public Ministry is showing the country that it does not rule out, after the accusations, increase the number of arrests.

The prosecution also had an eye on the “interim government”

The Public Ministry (MP) has opened 22 files to the self-styled “interim government” of the opposition for the crimes of usurpation of functions, money laundering, terrorism, arms trafficking, treason and association, among others.

Added to this are five other investigations related to irregularities committed at the Monomeros company, for a total of 27 causes.

He explained that these investigations are related to the fictitious appointment of the boards of directors of Citgo, Pequiven and Monomeros; fictitious appointment of ambassadors and business managers; and fictitious appointment of a Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela, as well as asset theft.

The diversion of Humanitarian Aid Funds and armed conspiracy acts such as the Gideon and Libertad operations are also being investigated.

The attorney general also assured that 288 arrest warrants were issued from the Public Ministry. Currently there are 129 detainees. “There are 13 people with extradition requests, 63 convicted and 137 raids, for the band of the supposed interim government,” he said.

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