1,048 people were evaluated for the aspiring judges contest

Santo Domingo.- The Judiciary reported that it evaluated 1,048 lawyers on Sunday for the competitive examination to enter the Training Program for Aspiring Judgesin order to fill the vacancies available in the courts at the national level.

As explained in a statement, for this phase that is ending, 1,921 applications were received, of which 1,102 met the requirements of the bases approved by the Council of the Judiciary and published on September 16 of this year, among which It is required: to be Dominican by birth or origin, or by naturalization, with more than ten years of having obtained it; be a graduate or doctor in Law, having at least two years of having obtained the exequatur; that he is in the exercise of civil and political rights and has not been sentenced to an afflictive or infamous penalty.

The statement details that of the people who met the requirements, 1,048 participated in the evaluation, which took place in the classrooms of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

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With this contest, we have been acting in accordance with the criteria of transparency and excellence that have been established to guarantee a fair process and that allows the selection of the ideal profiles, in strict adherence to the criteria established in the bases.

The lawyers underwent the application of the test called PAA (academic aptitude test with international standards), which is widely used to measure the levels of logical thinking and verbal development that allow them to enter the university.

Once this test has been passed, the psychometric evaluations will take place, which close the second phase of the process. Candidates who pass this phase will undergo an induction process that will allow them to access phase 3, on Legal Knowledge Verification. Optionally, those candidates who wish may add points to the accumulated total by participating in the LSAT test (international exam aimed at measuring the skills necessary to be admitted to Law Schools), as well as measuring their language levels.

The Training Program for Aspiring Judges, in this edition, has been updated with the new educational model of the National School of the Judiciary, which takes into account the different features of the judge profile that graduates are expected to develop .

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Applicants who pass the contest will enter the program, in which they will receive comprehensive training for 25 months for the development of judicial competencies, thinking skills, behavioral skills and efficient management, with a view to providing answers to users. of the justice system.

From 2002 to date, 20 promotions have graduated from the National School of the Judiciary, with which 516 judges have been delivered to the system. The judicial career in the Dominican Republic is one of the model careers in Latin America, and has been consolidated since 1998 with the promulgation of the Judicial Career Law 327-98.

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