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Rivera: they charge the man who shot his brother to death

The Justice de Rivera prosecuted in the last hours the man who shot his brother to death and then turned himself in to the Police.

The fraticide was registered in the city of Rivera this Sunday, when a 29-year-old man murdered his brother with several shots.

According to what was reported by the Police Headquarters of the border department, the incident occurred in the last hours of this Sunday in the Cuartel neighborhood. In the surroundings of Luis Battle Berres and Misiones streets, two brothers aged 29 and 32 were arguing when, at a certain moment, the youngest of them drew a firearm and shot his relative up to three times, wounding him in the chest area.

The murderer turned himself in and was charged with various crimes

Around midnight, the murderer appeared before the 10th Section of the Rivera Police and confessed to the fraticide. Given this fact, the PADO agents went to the scene of the events and found the victim still alive. The wounded man was immediately transferred to a local health center, but once there, the medical personnel could only verify his death from his injuries.

The 3rd Shift Rivera Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Alejandra Domínguez, requested the indictment of the murderer, who has a record for the crime of drug dealing.

The Justice processed the formalization of WMC for a crime of homicide especially aggravated by kinship. In addition, they awarded him the crimes of possession and carrying a firearm in public places and the possession of a firearm for recidivism, all under a real reiteration regime.

As part of the process and while the investigation continues, a preventive detention measure was imposed for a period of 120 days.

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