1-5: Brazil prevails with ease and a Neymar inspired by South Korea

1-5: Brazil prevails with ease and a Neymar inspired by South Korea

Comfortably, without overstretching your finalists from Champions and with a Neymar who finally played, was the heart of the attack and scored a brace, Brazil won comfortably today 1-5 to a South Korea who seemed to accuse the two years he has been without facing heavy rivals due to the pandemic.

The game started with the script that was supposed to start, with a Brazil who came out to have fun from the leather domain and the South Koreans crouched waiting to be able to launch to their ends in search of spaces behind the Latin American defense.

At 2 minutes, Thiago Silva He gave the first warning by scoring a free kick from the left in an offside position.

Brazil seemed much more relaxed and lively when moving the ball in the field of the Asians, excessively stiff and tense at the start.

This is how the first goal came, with the “Taeguk warriors” so aware of the marks on the man on Neymar, Richarlison or Paquetá that they left Alex Sandro a highway to enter from the left side of the area.

His cross pass was comfortably finished off by Fred and the ball went in after a carom in which they intervened Richarlisonwho scored the goal, and goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu, who was barely able to deflect it into the net.

The South Korean fort lasted just over 6 minutes, and the red squad, with difficulties even to prevent their central defenders from giving it away on the balcony of the area, was able to concede another goal just a minute later, although Neymar decorated himself excessively in the area and his back pass sent him into the clouds Raphinha.

After suffering a blow to his right foot the day before that raised doubts about his presence today and even caused fear again for his metatarsal, the 10 of the canarinha was finally in Seoul today, where he was undoubtedly the marshal in charge of the offensive “yellow-green”.

After minute 10, the South Koreans tried for the first time Weverton with a shot from outside the area, although the starting script remained intact and with Casemiro almost always exerting an imperial dominance of his plot, despite the excessive hours of football that drags on his legs after winning the Champions League just five days before.

But almost out of nowhere came the South Korean goal half an hour after Hwang Ui-jo controlled from behind inside the area and, helped by poor coverage by Thiago Salva, managed to turn and score with a cross shot.

Brazil, who did not expect a draw given the low production from South Korea, only had to put half a gear more to get ahead again and almost score the third before the break.

With the verdeamarela launched again on the Asian area and Paulo Bento’s men trying to reduce, Lee Yong arrived very late to a cross with Alex Sadro and the VAR left no doubt before Neymar parsimoniously scored the maximum penalty.

On the brink of the end of the first section Paquetá, Neymar, and then Thiago Silva and Casemiro on a double occasion that inexplicably did not enter, they had the third in their boots.

Everything was a carbon copy after the restart; Paquetá pardoned again after an exquisite pass from Neymar and in the next move, again with PSG as conductor, the VAR detected another Kim Young-gwon penalty on Alex Sandro.

After making the same feint from eleven meters, Neymar beat Kim again on the right flank with all the calm in the world.

The dynamics of the rest of the second part did not bring surprises: Brazil sharp and imaginative, especially from the flanks, and the South Koreans looking for Son and Hwang Hee-chan’s runs with long balls.

The Seoul World Cup Stadium, yes, was able to see two other finalists of this year’s Champions enter action with 20 minutes to go, Fabinho and Vinicius, the latter applauded especially when he jumped onto the pitch.

The madridista actually had time to play tricks on his side and was about to score, as did Raphinha, who hit the post with his left foot from outside the box.

With Tite Using as much of his wardrobe as possible to give his starters a rest, Phillipe Coutinho found a lousy South Korean rebound in front of goal and did not spare the fourth.

There was at least time for Son, the brand new golden boot of the Premier, to force a stretch from Weverton with a whiplash from a distance that drew applause from an overturned stand with his idol, and for Gabriel Jesus to make the fifth with amazing ease against a South Korean defense that clearly appears to lack competitive pace.

– Data sheet:

1 – South Korea: Kim Seung-gyu; Lee Yong (Kim Moon-hwan, m.56), Kim Young-gwon, Kwon Kyong-won, Hong Chul; Jung Woo-young, Hwang In-beom, Paik Seung-ho ( Jeong Woo-yeong, m.56); Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan (22, m.83); and Hwang Ui-jo (Na Sang-ho, m.70).

5 – Brazil: Weverton; Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Alex Sandro; Casemiro (Fabinho, m.70), Fred (Marcus Cunha. m.81), Lucas Paquetá (Bruno Guimaraes, m.81); Raphinha (Gabriel Jesus, m.78), Neymar (Coutinho, m.78); and Richarlison (Vinicius, m.70).

Goals: 0-1 m.7: Richarlison. 1-1 m.31: Hwang Ui-jo. 1-2 m.42: Neymar (p). 1-3 m.57 Neymar (p). 1-4 m.81. Coutinho. 1-5: m.93+ Gabriel Jesus.

Referee: Ryūji Sato (JAP). He booked xxx (m.83).

Incidents: Friendly match played at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was sold out with more than 66,000 attendees, at about 21 degrees Celsius and with a relative humidity of 74%.

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