1-2: Without Messi, Argentina danced to the rhythm of Papu

1-2: Without Messi, Argentina danced to the rhythm of Papu

You can without your freak, without a Lionelwithout Messi, sheltered after his traumatic contagion of Covid-19. You can without your coach, without the other Lionelwithout Scaloni, also positive for coronavirus. Without them, Argentina also can.

And you can at the height of Calama, at 2260 meters above sea level. As a visitor, against a spicy rival like chili, ready for anything, including repeated blows. She can in a hostile climate: at the hotel, they greeted her with the air conditioning not working, they disturbed her with sirens, and on the morning before the game they cut off her water. In this adverse context, with very South American features from other times without fair play, Argentina can also.

Yes Argentina so he can is because he has managed to form a real team. With a strong, closed group. With soccer players who freed themselves after the conquest of the America Cup and the capture of the passage to Qatar 2022, with players who move with absolute naturalness. Best start of the World Cup year, the light blue and white could not draw. Attention…

Always the coaching staff of this Selection, this time with Walter Samuel giving directions to the side of the field, surprises with some decision. It seemed that Paulo Dybala would be Messi’s replacement. However, the chosen one was Alexander

Gomez. And Argentina danced to the rhythm of Papu, who to boast of Sevilla showed his face. He asked for the ball. He dribbled, he braked, he drove, he fought. He also started the action of the winning goal. He won the World.

Leo’s captain’s ribbon took her Angel Di Maria. And Fideo flew to the right. They beat him and beat him, just like Papu, but nothing intimidated him. He scored a goal Messi, the first, hooking towards the middle and placing it left-handed at the far post. a delight

This Argentina has plenty of personality. Again De Paul became an emblem. Behind was Cristian Romero, the new defensive benchmark. but he walked in Lisandro Martinez and he played with a hierarchy that allows us to understand why Barcelona has targeted him at some point. Thus Messi’s National Team, without Leo, brought Chile to its knees with a 2-1 that does not admit discussion. It was not easy of course. at some point appeared Dibu Martinez, with champion goalkeeper saves. After all, that is his role.

In the first hour, I had won Uruguay in Asuncion. Also with heavy casualties like that of Arturo vidal, Chile knew they needed to win. For that reason he played every ball to the limit, and something else. He suffered the impact of Di María at the start. But Martín Lasarte’s Roja reacted and after a while they equalized with a nice header from Ben Brereton that went over Dibu Martínez.

Argentina worries when it commands, but also when the rival acquires a dominant role. chili he had grown, attacked, pressed. It was the best moment of the Red. However, he recovered Papuan, he enabled De Paul, who sped up and fired a missile. Claudio Bravo’s rebound was used by Lautaro Martínez to shout the winning goal, his 18th celebration in 36 selected games. With spaces, the albiceleste is fearsome.

When the drowning that usually causes the height took its toll on him, already in the second half, Argentina he appealed to a game of control and went to the end holding everything very good that he had developed in the initial stage. No one could take the victory away from him, that victory that now places him four points behind the leader Brazil in the table of the South American Qualifiers and that allows him to extend his unbeaten record to 28 games. However, the most important thing was the content. With Messi it is always better, but it also represents an immense peace of mind to see that without Leo there is a team.

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