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0-1: Communications laugh first

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0-1: Communications laugh first

The Communications, led by Uruguayan Willy Coito Olivera, took advantage in the first leg of the semifinals of the Concacaf League as a visitor to him Guastatoya, by Mexican Daniel ‘Travieso’ Guzmán, with a header from Costa Rican Andrés Lezcano.

The match was close and could be for anyone, but the experienced team from the Guatemalan capital won, which will have an advantage for the second leg on the same stage next Tuesday.

Everything was defined with a precise center to the penalty spot from the right sector of the veteran Guatemalan team, Stheven Robles, who nodded with a popcorn, at mid-height, the Costa Rican Lezcano, who had taken flight in the uncheck.

His contact with the ball caused it to bounce on the grass and then sneak into the goal of his compatriot Adrián de Lemos after hitting his left post, before his spectacular and vain stretch.

It was in minute 63 when the Uruguayan Coito’s Cremas had stepped on the accelerator, after an uncertainty that overshadowed the commitment between the two Guatemalan teams.

Guastatoya was gray at home in a foreign stadium like Doroteo Guamuch Flores, due to the local organization, far from his home, David Cordón Hichos in the east of the Central American country.

Communications, on the other hand, was shown with the initiative, with greater possession and movement of the ball, with the speed of the young revelation, Óscar Santis and with his field leader José Manuel Contreras, who did not have an outstanding game either.

The goal further opened the game, a situation that benefited the administrative visitors, who with fresh legs in the boots of Lynner García and the Honduran Junior Lacayo, instead of Santis and Lezcano, made the few fans who gathered vibrate, mostly in support of the Creams.

The second leg will have the same setting, the Guatemalan national stadium Doroteo Guamuch Flores, with the certainty that the first finalist of the Concacaf League will be a Guatemalan team.

Comunicaciones will start again as a favorite, with the advantage of the away goal and with the advantage of having guaranteed qualification for the league in the Guatemalan local tournament, unlike a fierce Guastatoya who, although he left in the last days of the bottom of the table, still fight to the death for the last ticket to the big party.

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