0-0: Barcelona passes on penalties

0-0: Barcelona passes on penalties

Argentine goalkeeper Javier Burrai and Brazilian midfielder Lionai Souza hit the penalties on Tuesday that qualified the Barcelona Ecuadorian to the second preliminary phase of repechage of the Libertadores Cupwhere it will be seen with the University of Sports, from Peru.

Barcelona drew 0-0 in regular time with the Uruguayan Montevideo City Torqueso the match played in Guayaquil was defined in the penalty shootout.

In the first leg, in Uruguay, there was also a 1-1 draw, so today’s equality gave way to the definition from eleven meters, a round in which eight shots per team were charged. Everyone scored, but Burrai saved Santiago Cartagena’s penalty and Souza scored the eighth for Barcelona, ​​which won 8-7 and thus reached the second play-off stage.

Montevideo City Torque showed greatness to resist Barcelona’s dominance and could even win if it weren’t for goalkeeper Burrai, who saved shots for goal.

The first half featured Barcelona’s dominance and football control, while the visiting team went to great lengths to defend the tie, so they came out well freed from the permanent attacks of the locals. However, the first approach to goal was generated by Montevideo City Torque with a precise pass from Cevallos to Guerrero, who looked for the shot on goal but Byron Castillo anticipated it in minute 3.

The Ecuadorian Michael Carcelén joined the Argentine Emmanuel Martínez on the right, but his shot went to the side of the goal in the 17th minute.

Castillo once again let go of the attack, enabled Martínez and the latter Mastriani who finished off a half turn to the side of the goal and later gave another header, but the ball arrived weakly at the hands of goalkeeper Francisco Tinaglini.

Montevideo City Torque orchestrated a good attack by taking advantage of the local defensive disorder and the newcomer Natanael Guzmán finished off and the Argentine goalkeeper Javier Burrai caught the ball with difficulty.

Adonis Preciado squandered Barcelona’s best scoring chance in the second half: he received a delayed pass free of charge but shot wide. Nathanael Guzmán enjoyed a great opportunity to defeat Barcelona’s goal, but goalkeeper Burrai once again won the duel against the Uruguayan attackers.


0 – Barcelona: Javier Burraí; Byron Castillo, Darío Aimar, Luca Sosa, Leonel Quiñónez (m.81, Jonathan Perlaza); Leonai Souza, Michael Carcelén (m.81, Bruno Piñatares), Emmanuel Martínez, Christian Penilla (m.59, Adonis Preciado), Gabriel Cortéz (m.59, Erick Castillo) and Gonzalo Mastriani (m.68, Carlos Garcés).
Coach: Fabian Bustos
0 – Montevideo City Torque: Francisco Tinaglini; Agustín Peña, Renzo Orihuela, Diego Arismendi, José Álvarez (m.46, Lucas Morales); Nicolás Milesi (m.87, Gabriel Chocobar), Darío Pereira (m.77, Santiago Cartagena), Marcelo Allende, Juan Cejas; Joaquín Cevallos (m.59, Nicolás Siri) and Sebastián Guerrero (m.59, Natanael Guzmán).
Technical: Roman Neck
Referee: Anderson Daronco, from Brazil, assisted by his compatriots Marcelo Van Gasse and Neuza Back, admonished Martínez, Peña, Allende, Orihuela, Piñatares.
Incidents: Second leg of the first qualifying round of the Copa Libertadores played at the Monumental Isidro Romero stadium or “Banco Pichincha”, owned by Barcelona.

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