Zelenski predicts that Ukraine will soon have “two Victory Days”

Zelenski predicts that Ukraine will soon have “two Victory Days”

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, assured this Monday (05.09.2022) that “very soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine”, alluding to the triumph over Nazi Germany in World War II, which this day is commemorated in Ukraine and Russia, and another to recall the triumph he hopes to achieve in the current conflict with Moscow.

Only “a madman” can want to repeat what happened in World War II and anyone who repeats crimes like those that occurred then is imitating Nazi philosophy, Zelensky denounced in the speech published on his website on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Day of the Victory over Germany, in a clear allusion to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Coinciding with this anniversary, in Ukraine “we fight for a new victory” to stop the invasion that Russia launched against his country on February 24 and, although he acknowledged that the road is difficult, he was convinced that victory will come. “We won then,” said the president, referring to the triumph obtained in 1945, “and we will win now.”

“Evil always loses”

“We are proud of our predecessors who, together with other peoples in an anti-Hitler coalition, defeated Nazism. We will not allow anyone to annex this victory, take it for themselves,” Zelensky said in the video, in which he is seen walking on the central avenue of kyiv. “There is nothing more dangerous than an insidious enemy, but there is nothing more poisonous than a false friend,” Zelensky said, quoting Ukrainian philosopher Grigory Skovoroda. Just like in World War II, he added, “we are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of our children.

The president recalled that his country has gone through different wars, but no enemy managed to stay in Ukraine and take root because, he assured, there is no invader who can rule the free Ukrainian people. Shortly before, at dawn, Zelensky had reproached Russia for having forgotten what was important to the victors in World War II, and anticipated that Moscow will lose this war “because evil always loses.”

The words “never again”, which are repeated throughout the free world every year on the days of remembrance of the victims of that war, must regain their weight, he added in statements made after taking stock of the contacts he had over the weekend with various Western leaders who visited the Ukrainian capital.

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