Zamir Villaverde reveals that Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vásquez warned him about his arrest in March

Zamir Villaverde reveals that Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vásquez warned him about his arrest in March

Businessman effective collaborator of the prosecution who was released from prison last Tuesday, assured that Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vásquez Castillo, nephew of they alerted him that an operation was going to be carried out to search his home and to arrest him.

In statements to RPP, the investigated said that they were the ones who alerted him to the police actions to comply with the preliminary arrest warrant against him on March 28, as part of the investigations in the prosecution for the Puente Tarata case.

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“On March 28, 2022, when there was a search of my home and my arrest, I already knew that there was going to be that. Who tells me? Bruno Pacheco with Fray Vásquez Castillo. How do they know? For information that the DINI (National Intelligence Division) told them directly”assured the businessman.

Zamir Villaverde said this as part of his questions against the police for not having managed to capture fugitives close to Pedro Castillo’s entourage, such as former minister Juan Silva or the former secretary general of the Presidential Office, Bruno Pacheco, nor the president’s nephew, Fray Vasquez Castillo.

“The DINI works at the service of Pedro Castillo and all his trusted people”he asserted.

He also stressed that the investigations carried out by the prosecutor Karla Zecenarro are advanced and that he will collaborate with the justice system.

“The important objective is that the Public Ministry can determine responsibilities so that the required effect is achieved, which is to discover this criminal organization led by Pedro Castillo”he concluded.


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