Zambrano: Silvano and Mancera, two of the PRD's cards for 2024

Zambrano: Silvano and Mancera, two of the PRD’s cards for 2024

“We will have a very large and top-quality deck to discuss and put on the table” at the moment when we begin to discuss “how we are going to walk, with what methodology are we going to select the candidacy that will represent us as a coalition to the presidency of the Republic”, said the PRD leader after the first government report by Alfonso Martínez, municipal president of Morelia.

“Everything that is accused must be proven. Nothing has been approved until today,” said Zambrano after being questioned about the accusations against Aureoles.

The leader warned that, despite the accusations made to Aureoles, “there are no points of comparison between that government (which the PRD ended in 2021) and the current one”: “It is a disaster that is on the verge of the apocalypse thanks to this misgovernment” headed by the local president nominated by Morena, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla.

“Silvano will surely be the ones we put on the table to discuss and there are others who will also be together with Senator Mancera, who has also said that he is interested, that he will be there,” he added.

Regarding Ricardo Monreal, leader of the Morena senators and with whom the PRD and the Va por México coalition have had rapprochements, Zambrano admitted that he remains close to the opposition.

“Yes we have communication (with him), it must be said, we haven’t seen each other for a long time (…) the last time we talked (he told us) that he would be more into the idea of ​​continuing his route within Morena and that later we could talk. You must not lose sight of it,” he recalled.

It is time that more than telling him to come and we are going to make you a candidate here, it is (to tell him) ´come and join your efforts here in an opposition front so that we can begin to build´”

Jesús Zambrano, national leader of the PRD



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