Zambrano: it is a shameless robbery of the Republic

For the president of the Foreign Policy Commission of the National Assembly, Timoteo Zambrano, the measure of the Office of Control of Foreign Assets (Ofac)which prohibits the Venezuelan Government from carrying out transactions with Citgo Petroleum Corporation, must be stopped by the members of the International Conference on Venezuela, to avoid being imploded.

For Zambrano, the US government’s claim to “steal Citgo”.

“Not only are they banning trades, but they are trying to rob us of Citgo. I think it is an extremely serious fact. If that were to happen, we can have a before and after,” Zambrano told national media.

He added that “it is a good time for members of the political conference to speak out and force the United States to go back on that path of imploding the mechanism (the conference) and stop the blatant robbery that they want to do to the Republic.” he

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