Yván Lorenzo and Alexis Victoria Yeb face each other in the Senate

senators Yvan Lawrence of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and Alexis Victoria Yeb of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), held a strong confrontation in this Thursday’s session where they called themselves “trashy moralist” Y “blackmailer“.

The reason for this confrontation was due to the fact that the PLD senator submitted that a resolution be included in the day’s agenda with which he sought to invite the Minister of Finance, jochi vincentto the Senate of the Republic to give explanations on some points that, at the legislator’s discretion, the official should explain.

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After this, Alexis Victoria Yeb took a turn to speak and responded to Yván Lorenzo saying “that he is ashamed to be part of the Senate“for sharing functions with the PLD legislator.

“I was looking at José del Castillo Saviñon with the shame of sharing a block with a person who has come here to damage the image of a human being who deserves all the respect of a society,” explained Victoria Yeb.

While the Perremeist senator was speaking, the PLD senator wanted to speak to which Victoria Yeb replied: “You need to be told two or three truths, man. I want you to respect because the times of blackmail are over, the times of blackmail are over. There it is that the first blackmailer is your leader who walks like a dead kitten and the other is imprisoned for blackmail.

“You have all the will and all the knowledge of the Public Ministry because you were an assistant attorney. Accuse him, blackmailing, fuck a human being with all the value in the world who has 10 million, but he declared it, what you should do is look for him in Internal Revenue. You embarrass me sometimes, brother, I love you a lot and I admire you, but sometimes I am ashamed to share a Senate for speaking inappropriate and incorrect things”, was what Victoria Yeb expressed.

Yván Lorenzo responded to Victoria Yeb pointing out that “I am the pride of my family and my people and I have not been the object of any type of investigation or for money laundering and embezzlement.”

The senator lashed out at Victoria Yeb and sent him to fetch her affidavit of assets.

“I tell the trashy moralists not to despair, that there is a long time to go and they are going to see many things. Those trashy moralists who voted against an official coming to explain here have to prepare, do not despair, they are going to listen and they are going to see many things of those trashy moralists who lived destroying the officials of the past government”, said Lorenzo.

After this confrontation, several senators took the floor asking them to calm down and respect the floor.

In this sense, the PRM senator, Ginnette Bournigaldemanded that Senator Lorenzo withdraw his words by calling them all “tinker moralists” and accused him of having an “obsession” with the finance minister.

Because the senator’s resolution was not accepted to be known in this Thursday’s session, it was sent by the president of the Senate to the Justice Commission.

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