YPF Luz will finance the construction of a wind farm in Córdoba

YPF Luz will finance the construction of a wind farm in Córdoba

The wind farm will have a capacity of 155 MW, equivalent to the consumption of more than 190,000 homes. Photo: press.

YPF Luz will issue negotiable issues (ON) for US$100 million, expandable up to US$150 million, to finance the construction of a new wind farm in Córdobathe fourth in the country, the company informed the National Securities Commission (CNV).

The issuance will be made within the framework of the Global Program for the Issuance of Simple Negotiable Obligations (Not Convertible into Shares) for a maximum amount of up to US$ 1,500 million.

The new wind farm will have a power of 155 megawatts (MW), equivalent to the consumption of more than 190,000 homeswith which the company will reach more than 650 MW in renewable energies, and will be located in the town of General Levalle, 380 kilometers south of the Cordovan capital.

The firm explained that the construction will last approximately 20 months, creating employment for more than 300 people during the process.

funds for construction

For her part, the real estate developer IRSA closed the placement of ON in two tranches for US$ 90 millionwhich is framed in the Global program for the issuance of non-convertible Negotiable Obligations in shares for US$ 750 million.

One of the sections called “wire dollar” for which US$ 28,251,300 will be issued, the cut-off rate was 7% per year in dollars and its maturity will operate on July 25, 2025.

The other stretch was “MEP dollar”US$ 61,748,700 will be issued and will pay an annual rate of 8% in dollars, maturing on March 25, 2025.

Meanwhile, Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) approved the incorporation of a new NO labeled as social in its Panel on Social, Green and Sustainable Bonds (SVS), made up of marketable securities that have a positive environmental and social impact.

The station is Pro Mujer Financial Servicesan entity dedicated to the granting of freely available credits intended mainly for women with micro and small business activities with the aim of improving their standard of living.

Pro Mujer will allocate all of the net funds from the issuance to grant loans directly to 1,700 people, 86% of whom are low-income women who own micro and small businesses, who carry out or work in productive economic activities, of services, commerce, textiles or agriculture, in the field of the semi-formal economy, who need financing for the investment capital or operations of their micro-enterprises or for their families, and do not get it in the appropriate or timely way from the bank conventional.

With this first issuance of 2023, BYMA’s SVS Bond Panel is made up of 39 marketable securities, 12 of which are labeled as social.

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