Youth of Unamos joins the socialist youth platform

The Renewing Youth of the political organization Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos) announced its entry as a full member of the platform International Union of Socialist Youth (UISY, for its acronym in English). Through this association, they commit to continue denouncing the abuses committed by the Daniel Ortega dictatorship against the Nicaraguan people.

Luis Blandona member of Unamos, told Article 66 that by becoming full members of this youth organization “allows them to have a margin of political action at the international level, which in recent years we have joined international complaints, as well as the campaign to free political prisoners.”

“This is an achievement for the youth whose leadership is recognized, but which also positions us internationally in all these global issues and above all to exercise a role of denouncing the dictatorship,” he said.

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He also explained that during the IUSY International Congress recently held in Panama, the members of the organization unanimously approved the entry of Juventud Renovadora as a full member of the youth platform.

Blandón also stressed that his participation in this congress was an opportunity to “make visible the latest repressive actions that the Ortega Murillo dictatorship has had” against Nicaraguan citizens.

In addition, joining this youth platform “allows us to continue denouncing the dictatorship from our ideological and political space,” he stressed.

The IUSY is an organization of young socialists, social democrats and labor members who fight for social change. In this platform there are more than 140 full member organizations, among them are the socialist youth of Chile, the liberationist youth of Costa Rica and the socialist youth of Spain of the PSOE.

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