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Your intelligent environment, with Ruahtec!

Your intelligent environment, with Ruahtec!

– What motivated Ruahtec to offer home automation to the public?

The need of the people. Every month of December electricity consumption always rises and that is not a coincidence. This is because the spring season is ending and the air conditioning is used a lot. If we could automatically measure or control that the air stays at 24 degrees, the electricity bills would not have such high consumption.

We like convenience and comfort, we live in a world where we would like Alexa to ventilate us. In Europe almost all houses have incorporated home automation and in Latin American countries like Uruguay, it is already completely normal. So, Bolivia should not be an exception for technological progress

– The Ruahkit product, what does it contain? What is the function of each component?

The Ruahkit, as its name indicates, is a kit that contains the basic elements necessary to be able to automate a house, a room, an office or any environment. Its main device is Alexa, in addition, it contains two Wi-Fi electrical switches, to control electricity and lights, and an infrared device to control any electronic device that works with a remote control, such as air conditioners, televisions, routers, electric gates. , among others.

It also has a small installation manual for these products. Although some knowledge of basic home electricity is needed. We recommend some authorized and certified channels that provide the installation service.

– Taking into account the technological advances that occur today, how does it influence home automation?

Technological advances always have to be carefully maintained, being able to reach levels like “The super sonics”. It can help us with many things in the short-term future, such as cooking food. But you have to be careful about certain things, like the education of children. A child can take advantage of Alexa to do their homework, so you have to find a balance in the use that we are going to give it.

– Could you mention and describe everyday components that surprisingly can be controlled now or in the future…

Today it can be controlled from the most basic to the most complex. We have the television, the air conditioning, the curtains or the blinds, we can enable or disable the plugs, the switches, we have the garden showers, the electric gates for the garages, there is a wide variety of lights, there are already electrical appliances, coffee makers, refrigerators that segment the cold by zones within it, hot water tanks, we can even configure Alexa with cars.

– How do you envision home automation in the long term?

A great Bolivian investor and entrepreneur said: “He who does not adapt dies”, so, either we adapt to what is coming or we simply die in the daily routine and stop growing.

I know that home automation gives for much more. There are already robots with artificial intelligence that take orders in restaurants. This is a way to optimize costs for a business. My recommendation is always to look to the future, society always instinctively advances technologically.

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