Young Venezuelan kidnapped in Trinidad and Tobago

Young Venezuelan Kidnapped in Trinidad and Tobago Appears

They find Maryeisy Carolina Barrios Baldallo, 22, the young Venezuelan woman who was kidnapped in Trinidad and Tobago this Tuesday, after some subjects entered her home to rob.

Maryeisy was recovered around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and was taken to hospital for medical treatment, the Trinidad and Tobago Police said in a report by local media Trinidad Express.

The Venezuelan has two children and last Tuesday at dawn she was kidnapped by five men in a black van, who came to his house to rob him at about 2:15 on Tuesday morning.

Police say two of the men entered the small house by breaking a padlock, while two others and the driver remained outside.

Maryeisy shared her home located on Demerara Road, Wallerfie with two relatives, Alex Rodríguez, 35, and Levisa García, 49, who were tied up while the subjects stole a television, laptops, cell phones, a microwave oven and a brushcutter.

As the men were about to leave, they suddenly grabbed Maryeisy and forced her into the vehicle and fled, police said. Trinity Express.

The young woman recently arrived in Trinidad and Tobago from Venezuela (…) The family tells Guardian that now they are afraid because they have nowhere to go and they fear that the men will return to the department.

On April 30, the Venezuelan was assassinated Joel Fernandez in the garage of his home, located in Mc Bean Village in Trinidad and Tobago, when armed men got out of a black Audi and opened fire on him.

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