Young man who was left with a disability due to the collapse of a municipal viewpoint asks for support

Young man who was left with a disability due to the collapse of a municipal viewpoint asks for support

They have had the nightmare for more than two years and cannot wake up. The Quispe Calla family fell into disgrace when the wall of the viewpoint of the young town of December 8 in the Tiabaya district fell on February 22, 2020 on top of the house and crushed two brothers, a third minor managed to get out in time.

Administration student Lizbeth I was 20 years old and she took the worst part, she was rescued and transferred to the Goyeneche hospital emergency room. The doctor diagnosed multiple fractures in her skull, as well as a shattered spinal cord, as well as complications in one of the lungs and internal bleeding.

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“I am a carrier, I was in Castilla, four hours from the city of Arequipa. The doctor called me and needed my authorization to operate on my daughter, he did not give me hope and told me to prepare for the worst”recalled Joaquín, Lizbeth’s father.

The funny thing is that A 10-year-old boy was found buried in the rubble. and the neighbors themselves took it upon themselves to rescue him. “My other son had a broken foot and they took him to the Honorio Delgado hospital, my concern was Lizbeth”said.

Lisbeth Quispe was left in a wheelchair and asks for support for therapy

It was rainy season and the water ate the base of the gazebo which was built by the district municipality of Tiabaya, between 2011 and 2012, under the management of Miguel Ángel Cuadros, current mayor.

Lizbeth did not lose consciousness and the images were etched in her memory, she remembers how the events occurred.

“I was with my two younger brothers. In the patio I was washing clothes and I heard a loud sound, I saw the gazebo that was falling. My reaction was to save my brothers who were in the room. One was trapped and I with him. The neighbors themselves pulled me out of the rubble. I did not lose consciousness. At the health post they did not want to treat me and took me to the hospital”counted.


The family life took a 360 degree turn, from leading a quiet life with dreams to fulfill, they entered an endless nightmare. The pain increased when they did not receive the support they needed from the district municipality, responsible for the work.

”The next day in the afternoon I went to see my house and it was covered with rubble. I went to the municipality to look for the mayor (Miguel Cuadros) and they told me to apply. My neighbors made a sit-in so that I wouldn’t be indifferent to the problem. He spent on medicines and did not want to receive us ”, counted.

Joaquín affirmed that he stopped working to take care of his daughter’s recovery and knocked on the door of the municipality on several occasions. Nevertheless, the support came from the neighbors with the organization of activities such as pollodace.

“The assistant and the attorney called me to tell me that the (prefabricated) room is installed. He had spent more than 30 thousand soles on medicines. My neighbors organized chicken dinners and with the collaboration of relatives I was able to cover the expenses. Two thousand soles gave me the municipality, I presented the list of expenses and they brought me water, paper and towels. I had savings to improve my house and all the money was gone”he claimed.

The father stated that he constantly went to the municipality until one day showed up at the mayor’s house with Lizbeth. “The mayor lived in Los Tunales and I went to his house, when I arrived there were watchmen and policemen. He told me to make a deal“, said.

According to Joaquín, the mayor’s proposal was a stable job for Lizbeth in the camera center and another for him for six months, renting an apartment for six months.

“My daughter worked for a month. Again I went to the police station to report, I felt cheated. My daughter’s future has faded and we need professional help to adjust to this life.”She complained.


The family’s legal adviser, Romulo Mayta, reported that they have two proceedings in the civil court, request compensation to the district municipality of 100 thousand and 500 thousand soles in favor of Lizbeth Quispe, who had a life project and is now in a wheelchair.

People who want to help can do so through the BCP savings account: 215-01653952-0-54

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