You should know this if you want to change data when renewing your DNI

You should know this if you want to change data when renewing your DNI

The it must be renewed every eight and, since the period given by Reniec to change the expired DNI has already expired, you can take the opportunity to update data such as your address, marital status, level of education or organ donation. Here we indicate what you need for the process.

On June 30, the extension period that gave validity to expired IDs expired, so people who have the expired document are obliged to carry out the renewal process to avoid problems when doing any paperwork, traveling or participating. in the Regional and Municipal Elections of October 2022.

And it is that the it is the only reliable instrument of identification. Reniec also highlights that having the document updated, with the image and personal data, serves to combat identity theft and child trafficking. Next, learn what you need to update certain data.


The DNI is the only reliable instrument of identification when it contains up-to-date information: both the main data of the citizen such as address, marital status, photograph, signature and fingerprints. It is the only personal identity card in Peru for all civil, commercial, administrative, judicial acts and, in general, for all those cases in which, by legal mandate, it must be presented, including the right to vote of each citizen. Its use is mandatory for all citizens, according to articles 26 and 27 of Law No. 26497, which is the Reniec Organic Law.

Woman receiving her ID at a REniec headquarters. The identity document is important to carry out procedures (Photo: Andina)


It is always important that you update your data. If you want to change your signature, marital status, address or modify other points, such as organ donation, when you renew your DNI, you can do so at no additional cost. In some cases, you must meet certain requirements:


  • Submit receipt of services with no more than six months old.

Marital status

  • If you are married: affidavit indicating this condition. If you are a married woman, and you wish to add your husband’s last name: present a certified copy of the civil marriage certificate.
  • If you are divorced: copy of the marriage certificate issued by the Civil Status Registry with the marginal annotation of the dissolution of the marriage bond.
  • If you are a widower: affidavit of marriage and a certified copy of the death certificate of the spouse, issued by the Registry of Civil Status.
  • Going from married to single: resolution issued by the Investigation and Purification Sub-Management, which resolves to rectify the data of the marital status. Judicial mandate: official letter and corresponding judicial part.

Note: if the requested document is in the database, Reniec indicates that it is not necessary to present it.

Degree of instruction

  • Affidavit of degree of special instruction, primary, secondary, technical and complete higher education (Bachelor or Graduate), as appropriate.
  • Simple translation if you support a document in another language.


  • Medical Certificate of Disability or CONADIS Card. The process is face-to-face.
  • In this case, the issuance of the DNI is free.

Signature Change

  • You must indicate to the registrar your willingness to change your signature at the time of processing.

Update parents name and other data

  • You can update this and other data, according to your birth certificate.


When you want to update your DNI, you can check if the marriage or death certificate to be submitted for processing is in our List of Civil Status Registry Offices ; as well as the which are the Municipalities that as of the effective date on the list are in the Reniec system and those that are with the Reniec from the start date indicated in the listing.

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