You no longer have to wait 72 hours to activate the Amber Alert

You no longer have to wait 72 hours to activate the Amber Alert

The then head of government, José Ramón Amieva Gálvez pointed out that the search for the missing minor will begin once the report is generated through the emergency telephone numbers of Locatel 55-56-58-11-11 or Capea 53-45- 50-67 and 53-45-50-84, however, you must go to the Public Ministry to confirm the loss.

After signing the inter-institutional agreement, he explained that the measure applies to all people who report missing in Mexico City, and the Mexico City Human Rights Commission also has the power to request a search in case they are found missing. deem necessary.

The agreement contemplates the accompaniment of the institutions in matters of attention to sexual abuse or intrafamily violence that could intervene in the loss of minors.

What is the Amber Alert?

It is a notification system for missing minors that is applied in all possible media such as television, radio, or any electronic screen in order to be able to broadcast the message of loss in the shortest possible time to a greater number of people.

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