"You can call me 'Fico' or Federico, people will vote for us": Fico Gutiérrez

“You can call me ‘Fico’ or Federico, people will vote for us”: Fico Gutiérrez

The National Electoral Council (CNE), upon resolving a query raised by the National Registry of Civil Status, made it clear that very surely presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez will not be able to appear as ‘Fico’ on the electoral card for the presidential elections.

As determined by the court, the candidates who appear for the first round must appear on the ballot as established by law, that is, with the “clear printing of the name and surname of the respective candidate.”

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As a result of this, the candidate of the ‘Team for Colombia’ spoke saying that he has no problem with this decision.

“They can call me ‘Fico’, Federico, whatever they want, people will still vote for us and I invite people to continue joining, to continue growing this project for the country in defense of Colombia, of democracy, of freedoms. We are going to be there on the ballot, the people will locate us very well and the people will vote for us”, he indicated.

However, in a past decision, the National Electoral Council (CNE) had determined that his nickname ‘Fico’, if it can go in the logo presented by the coalition to endorse the presidential candidate.

“Team for Colombia Fico” It will be the emblem that this political campaign will use throughout this process in the face of the first presidential round that will take place on May 29.

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“After carrying out the rigorous verifications, it can be verified that the logo symbol of the coalition called Team for Colombia meets the requirements to guarantee its registration”indicates the last resolution of the CNE.

Thus, the National Registry of Civil Status must modify the electoral card and put the name of Federico Gutiérrez on the card for the presidential elections.

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