Yotuel responds to Díaz-Canel for the Buena Fe case: “To cry to maternity”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban singer, rapper and musician Yotuel Romero joined this Sunday the controversy that arose around the group Good faithwhich suffered the cancellation of several presentations of his tour in Spain.

The former member of orishas pointed at social networks that what happened recently with the group led by Israel Rojas has been used “to amplify and victimize the dictatorship” and recalled that several Cuban artists opposed to the regime have not even been able to enter Cuba.

“No, gentlemen, Spain has not prohibited entry to Buena Fe, as you did to Celia Cruz. Neither has he requested imprisonment for Good Faith, as you have done with Maykel Osorbo. Neither have the Spanish Government insulted artists like you did to me by calling me a black shoe shiner, ”Yotuel wrote on his Facebook account.

The artist listed several Cuban-born musicians who, unlike Buena Fe in Spain, are censored on the island.

“Spain has not banned Buena Fe from the radio either, as you do with Arturo Sandoval, Gloria Estefan, Gente de Zona or Willy Chirino, either,” said the singer.

In this sense, Yotuel recalled that businessmen with private premises have decided to cancel the presentations, invoking the Admission Right Law.

The author of homeland and life He recalled that the tentacles of the dictatorship are long and that free artists still have to face censorship outside the Island.

“We have a documentary called Homeland and Life: The Power of Music, who is doing a tour of festivals around the world and they don’t know how sad it makes me when they congratulate us on the film, but they tell us that by order of the sponsors they cannot put us on the bill for what we denounce. Do you know what I do with it? victimize me? Go to the networks to say look what they do with us? No. I keep fighting for this reality that the world needs to hear. We are getting many to change their position and that is what I am left with”.

“Stop victimhood, Cuban dictatorship. To cry to Maternity. The world knows that Cuba is a failed state,” concluded Yotuel.

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